“Dynamic advertising” will no longer be permitted on the streets of San Antonio, per the Ibizan neighborhoods council.

Ticket selling, PR, and parades will be suspended for the 2016 season and beyond. Though described a s temporary “blanket ban,” the council has promised to draft ew legislation that regulates advertising in the future. The primary reasons behind the ban has been the environmental impact of left behind flyers, and also the fierce competition amongst neighbouring clubbing destinations. Tourists and business have each felt threatened over the years, by the seemingly endless barrage of advertising resources that descend on San Antonio during the summer months, with the legislation being the ultimate effect.

Some have complained that the new legislation’s absolute nature threatens a handful of independent business and freelancers on the island, who rely on the seasonal PR, but with the newfound cleanliness and always abundant hospitality jobs in the area, the negative impact on the island, locals, and tourists, seems minimal.

Source: The White Isle