After last week’s fanatical coverage of David Guetta playing a children’s song at Tomorrowland, the 47-year-old DJ was, again, at the centre of another online criticism storm, with some even calling the occasion a new low for Guetta as well as EDM.

Whatever you may think of David Guetta, however, there was a time when the multi-million dollar pop icon was still a young blood to whom you could probably relate a lot easier to. It was the period where he released music that was miles apart from what he is known for today. Music like this track he made back in 1994 with Fingers Inc. vocalist Robert Owens:


Around that time, Guetta could not be accused of cheating behind the decks either, since auto-sync still had to be invented, just like the mp3. Yes, even Guetta was playing vinyl once. Not convinced? Well, there is now rare video footage of Guetta rocking the 1200’s at Space Ibiza. It’s not that we’re the biggest fans of EDM’s favourite scapegoat, but we do feel the guy could use a little slack for once. And maybe this throwback will get him to consider doing an all-vinyl set again somewhere in the near future. One without nursery rhymes or epic drops.