The world renowned NYC venue, Sullivan Room was forced to close its doors in 2013 due to the booming (lower) Manhattan real estate industry (sound familiar?), but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing the legacy set in place way back in 2001.

After its founder, Sergei Skylarenko (aka SR Serge, Grass is Greener), launched a successful record label, secured alternate venues with similar aesthetics, and a slew of tribute events at the likes of NYC underground hotspots TBA Brooklyn, Cielo, Louis & Chan, The Raven, and The Tribeca Grand Hotel, it was clear that the legacy of the decade+ Greenwich Village subterranean club was still very much from lost.

Now, reborn as Sullivan Room Sessions, and paired up another prolific and respected NYC house contingent, The Soup Crew, Sullivan Room celebrates 15 years on board New York City’s one-and-only Circle Line Cruises. This Saturday, if you’re out in the Big Apple, check out NYC’s finest: Love & Logic, Down Deep, Cylo, SR Serge, and Domingo Cava will be seen on the upper deck while Gatto, PJ Tranchese, TJ Mcau, The Kid Inside, and a Special Guest will display their skills on the lower level.

Check out a video below of SR Serge in action on Sullivan Room’s July event on the high seas that featured the likes of Doc Martin and Anthony Atalla. And, SR Serge will be touching down in Amsterdam over ADE with several appearances, including 19 October at the Recycle Lounge Gallery Club with friskyRadio (free event).

10 September | Sullivan Room: On Board | Tickets | Circle Line, NYC