Whoever has browsed for a DJ booth to neatly set up your CDJs/turntables and mixer on has probably noticed that these specialised pieces of furniture often have steep prices. The most popular online resellers of DJ gear in the Netherlands offer the most simple deck tops, consisting of what looks nothing more than four wooden boards nailed together, for 250,- euros. The more specialised the furniture piece the higher the prices, leading up to an aluminium cased dj booth costing over 1800 euros. There is, however, much cheaper DIY alternatives to be found as of recent, thanks to the contributors at IKEA Hackers.

IKEA Hackers is an online platform where handymen from around the world are taking the official instruction books of IKEA furniture head on in order to create new uses for them. This has already led to some very creatively constructed, and much cheaper, DJ booths, like this chic one here that was created by DJ Puzzle. Or how about this DJ booth/lounge bar created by Gidi Merken?


Of course home studio gear deserves a proper place to sit as well. That’s why there are hundreds of hacks to be found for both bedroom and professional producers, like this minimalistic but extremely functional cornered studio that was realised by DJ Stolmen.

One of the latest contributions is perhaps most ingenious of all: A user named ‘stoolzo’ has taken three toiler roll holders from the IKEA catalogue and turned them into a proper modular synth case rack. Just add a rail on the sides, some screws and bolts and you’re there. Total costs? No more than 30 euros. The money you save can be much better spent. Like buying new gear, for instance.

Check out more hacks at: ikeahackers.net