Instagram Music has teamed up with media ratings agency Nielsen to produce the first ever report on the musical tastes of its users.

Obviously, the bottom line here is just that…the bottom line, to find out how much users spend on music, events, and marketing, but insight into how users ingest there music and how much time they spend capturing events via the platform, were also looked into.

It turns out that 42% on Instagram users are more apt to purchasing music than non users (the same number who say that attending a live event is vital in determining themselves as “fans” of a particular artist…something significant in determining favorite DJs), while 30% actually listen to more music than non users. Youtube, Pandora, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music seem to be the streaming services of choice, while pop and rap reign as most popular genres (for what it’s worth “EDM”, aka the only quantified genre for all things electronic music, came in a distant 6th).

Check out the infographics breaking down the results below and keep in mind the study was conducted amongst 3,000 users specifically in the US territory.

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