Created by the Spotify-owned music data service Echo Nest, Every Noise At Once is an interactive map highlighting just that…every musical genre ever created!

“Maps are, after all, as much machines for getting lost as they are for finding yourself. There are probably things on this map you’ve never imagined. It probably contains things that you don’t yet realise you love, and branching points where you will be amazed and thrilled to have veered, “ says Echo Nest of the project.

Every Noise At Once allows users to listen to any and all musical genres with samples of each aggregated where you can click on each and listen. They have everything from trance, metal, and pop to classical, jazz, and getting into quite obscure territory also. The below is the best screenshot we can get to show the full map, but click on the link above to find the full interactive version.


Source: Seth Troxler’s Twitter