Interview: Archie Hamilton

You started, as many do, as a raver and moved into a DJ and industry professional. Does nostalgia ever affect your outlook of the current state of dance music? Meaning, it is undeniable that business ultimately affects artistry and one’s impressions of something when younger. Have you ever found yourself cynical of the industry as a result of “standard industry practice”?
Absolutely! As much as the landscape is different now, nothing will ever be as good as your perception of early raving experiences, but I think that is probably the rose-tint of hindsight. We (FUSE) as a collective are very lucky because I think we keep that spirit of innocence when we work together. We have all come from the dance floor, and none of us approach anything in music with a business focus.

How do you see London as a clubbing destination these days. Obviously, much is (and has) been said about prices, gentrification, politics, and such, but how do you view it “on the ground”? Is it still good or is there room for improvement?
Again there’s a lot of romantic hindsight for my generation of clubbers; I have a lot of very fond memories of endless weekends between 2004 and about 2011 that were formative musical experiences for a lot of us. London clubbing has changed a lot since then, and it’s definitely more restricted but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a great place to visit for a party. There is still an abundance of great music events on every weekend across genres. Besides, gentrification is nothing new. It happened to music scenes in West London in the 80s, Soho in the 90s and it’s happening in Dalston and Hackney now, but we’ve always managed to persevere – just look at the uprising and result when the council tried to close fabric! I would say an area that it is incredibly important that does need improvement however, and that is the approach to drugs in our society – but that is a big issue to tackle!

How do you see Amsterdam? As we are based here (what gave it away?), do you see Amsterdam as a city in the “best of” conversation for electronic music?
I love Amsterdam; it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. From what I have experienced it is a shining example of open mindedness, liberalism and acceptance that many other cites could learn a lot from. It is certainly one of the best cities in the world for quality clubbing experiences – Hyte have been producing some amazing events there. I believe the focus has been on techno for many years. Although it seems that in recent years, house and minimal is become more popular.

What about Ibiza 2017? Any big plans there this summer that you can talk about?
I don’t think I can go into specifics, but suffice to say bigger and better! I can say that I will play the Hyte Pre Opening party at Amensia on May 31st as well one of Carl Cox’s only two parties on the island this season at Privilege on July 11th. More details soon…

Aside from something music based, what are you personally looking forward to for the rest of 2017?
I am finally moving back into London. When I quit my full time job in 2013, I moved home to the countryside to keep costs down. The downside of this has been that I have been literally living out of a suitcase ever since, so I am very happy to finally have my own space in the city and I can feel more settled. Maybe time to start work on an album…


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