Be stripped of all artifice and be judged by the work, this is the (admirable) ethos of Bastian Bux.

Work featuring deep textures, powerful harmonies, heavy beats and fat basslines and constructed with soul and sensibility have brought Bastian’s music to the likes of Suara, Selador, Bedrock, MOOD Records and more, with remixes and collaborations with the likes of Habischman, Lee van Dowski, Steve Rachmad, and Fur Coat.

As a touring DJ, Bastian has been seen at festival’s like Hideout, Tomorrowland, ADE, Space Ibiza, The Warehouse Project, and various other venues around the world, including in the European, Middle East, American, Asia and Oceania territories. It is, however, his residency with seminal party brand elrow, which has solidified Bastian’s status as a Techno wonder-kid, with the Barcelona/Ibiza brand providing his biggest platform to date.

With that, we thought it was high time to chat with Bastian about elrow, ADE, MOOD Records 50th release celebrations, opening up for the iconic electronic music icon Jean-Michele Jarre, and more.

“…everything is done with passion and a huge love for entertaining and creating immersive experiences.”

As we have now officially cleared through the ADE madness, how was your experience at Elrow’s Sunday ADE event? We had some people there who had a nice time.
It was fantastic, the best event we’ve done at ADE so far. The venue was amazing and the production was top level. I had a great time playing and enjoying the fantastic sets from the other guests.

Speaking of Elrow, it is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest club brands. What do you think makes it unique? How would you say its success has been possible in such a short time?
Maybe the rest of the world thinks that Elrow has become successful in a short time but the truth is that the family behind it has been in the game for more than 3 generations creating different concepts, venues and festivals and they are a legend in Spain when it comes to the national Electronic Music scene, and I’m sure that if you speak with the legendary names of the scene like Cox, Garnier, Vath, Hawtin… All of them know the Arnau family very well since a long time ago. Elrow was born 7 years ago, and the international madness started like two years or so ago. I think it’s important to know this to understand how the things are nowadays. I always say that what makes Elrow unique is that it works like a family, everything is done with passion and a huge love for entertaining and creating immersive experiences. Elrow is not the typical event with impressive light & sound system and superstar DJ’s. It has a full 360º environment.

For you, what have been some of your favorite Elrow concepts and events around the world? Do any stand out in particular?
My favorite theme is also the oldest one, called “Singer Mornings”. It means nothing at all, it’s just a crazy mix of random things, super chaotic. I think I love it because somehow my brain works always like this: mixing extremely random concepts. If we speak about events I have some favorites, but I think that the best for me has been Elrow Beirut some weeks ago. Unforgettable vibes and energy.

What about the rest of your ADE, how did Amsterdam treat you? Do you tend to visit Amsterdam often?
I always say that ADE is the best Electronic Music event of the world because it is not only about partying, you know… WMC, BPM, Sonar… are all great but people go there 99% because of the party side. At ADE the “daylight” stuff is super interesting and I really dig it. Also, Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. Sadly, this year has been the first time I missed a lot of it as I was only there for 24 hours.

If so, what are some of your favorite non nightlife spots to visit in the city?
My favorite thing to do in the city is to walk around the canals, Herengracht is my favorite, so beautiful. What I love about Amsterdam is that it is totally flat, so you never get really tired haha. I also love the Vondelpark, and all those sneaker shops around the center.

What were your thoughts on the atmosphere on Ibiza this season? How much time did you spend on the island? How often were you playing?
Mmmm… This a tough question for me. I played 10 times this season including Elrow at Amnesia, Zoo Project and Suara at Privilege. The overall vibe was excellent if we speak about the parties, but I’ve never been this kind of Ibiza-obsessed DJ or raver. I love to play there, but I prefer to spend my spare time in a different environment. I would love to discover the north side of the island though, they say it is the most beautiful side of Ibiza.

Also, I have read you recently supported the legend Jean-Michele Jarre. Tell us about that? Where was it? How did that opportunity come about?
It was undoubtedly the biggest highlight of my career. One of the promoters that booked JMJ thought about me as opening act, so he asked me to send him some of my music and what I thought it could be a great opening set. I sent it and they were in contact with Jean-Michele and his team. I was super nervous waiting for his response! A couple of days after, I got the confirmation. It was in el Monasterio de Liébana, a super old monastery in the middle of the mountains in the north of Spain, undoubtedly the most beautiful spot I’ve ever performed in. It was an unforgettable day. The crowd was super nice with me, they connected with my music even though the audience was way older than me, you know, most of the JMJ fans in there were around their fifties, but their energy was special. After my set I got the chance to see the concert, and when he introduced his musicians he also mentioned me. It was one of the best moments of my career. The legend Jean-Michele Jarre saying my name… I still can’t believe it!

Musically, you have some interesting projects coming up including a track on Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD50. What can you tell us about this project?
I met Nicole a couple of years ago when we played together in a festival and wanted to say thanks because she was supporting most of my music. We kept in touch since that moment and I sent her a couple of tracks for her label. She decided to sign them, and one of the tracks called “Protest” received great support from big names of the scene. Now Mood Records is celebrating their 50th release with a compilation featuring the best tracks of the label, and it is a huge recognition for me that Nicole decided to include my song as part of the project.

Do you have any specific tricks that help you maintain mindfulness and mental health with a busy touring/travel schedule?
I love this question. And yeah, absolutely, I have some of them. The best one is to spend as much time as possible with my beloved ones when I’m at home, and having a constant connection with them when I’m away. It recharges me and keeps my feet on the ground. Another essential thing for me is to take profit of every opportunity to sleep and eat well, you know, most of the times it is not necessary to spend 8 hours inside a party or asking for the Burger of the room-service menu. Last but not least, I read a lot about everything. This keeps my mind healthy, active and gives me perspective.

Moving through the rest of 2017 and beginning 2018, what are some things you are particularly looking forward to in the coming months? They can be personal or professional…
It’s been a while without thinking or worrying too much about the future, not even the next few weeks. Since I started this Bastian Bux project I focus 100% in what I’m living now, and by now I mean NOW. Now I’m answering your questions and I’m enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to do some exercise and closing myself in the studio to make some music. If you take the 100% out of every situation, great things will come. That’s what I do, personally and professionally.

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