Cubicolor are an emerging act from the Netherlands, making striking house and techno with an emotive flair.

Receiving support from the likes of Pete Tong (who named them as, ‘One To Watch for 2015′), Sasha, B.Traits, Lee Burridge, Patrice Baumel, Jonas Rathsman, Axel Boman, and Danny Tenaglia, Cubicolor has quickly been garnering acclaim with one breakthrough release after another.

Leading up to the release of their debut album on Anjunadeep later this year, Cubicolor recently dropped their latest received EP “Falling,” which was supported by a hefty remix package, including KOMPAKT contributor Robag Wruhme. The EP also featured London based Tim Digby-Bell, one of the founding members of the experimental-indie band Duologue, in Cubicolor’s first vocal collaboration.

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With all the praise raining down on them since they first hit the scene in 2014, it was high time we caught up with the Dutch duo to speak on all things creativity, fame, Amsterdam, and more.

“…even when things get tough, it’s not a sacrifice, it’s paying your dues.”

First off, your latest EP “Falling” has recently been released to much acclaim, including an exclusive premiere on Deep House Amsterdam. Can you walk us through the creative process of the EP? What was the very first aspect of the EP that occurred to you? Was it a certain melody, bassline, theme, idea…?
We had sketched the instrumental track of ‘falling’ some time ago already. That took only a few hours. The instrumental already worked quite well when we played it out. But we felt that the track might have even more potential as a vocal track. As we started writing and recording the vocals, of course we adjusted the original instrumental to the song. And with some luck, and with the brilliant vocals and writing of Tim-Digby Bell, we ended up with the finished track.

The “Falling” EP also has a remix from Robah Wruhme. How did this remix collaboration come about? What is it about Robag’s version that complements your own?
We set up a list of potential remixers with the label FAYER and Robag was high on our list. His remixes are always strong so when he accepted we were thrilled! His remix has brought even more club feel to the song and it is getting a lot of love across the underground scene! Thanks a million Robag!

“Falling” has vocals from Tim-Digby Bell, from the band Duologue. How did you guys get to know Tim, and why did you tap him to lay the vocals down on this track?
Actually we went through quite a long process of going through many different options for possible singers. Easily we looked at 40 to 50 different singers. Trying to find someone with a sound, vibe and intention that would possibly fit with the Cubicolor sound was quite a specific thing to look for. But through this process we found Tim. And really we couldn’t have asked for more. The collaboration so far has been inspiring and productive! We have more songs with him!

Though “Falling” is out via Edu Imbernon’s Fayer imprint, but you also have had a rich history with Anjunadeep. Can you talk a bit about both labels? How does each label view the creative process? How do their visions for your tracks coincide with your own?
Working with labels is always a collaborative process. Of course the creative process should be left to the artist. But when it comes to fine-tuning tracks, selecting tracks, we have found it’s better to have some more people involved in those decisions. We don’t only want to make music we like ourselves; we want other people to also feel it like we do. So testing material out, getting feedback from labels, changing things up is part of the process that can bring the most out of a track.

Of course every label will have different things they’re looking for as they have their own brand and identity and fans to keep happy. But their vision and our vision about the material have to be close together, otherwise the label wouldn’t be a good match for the music. This record has been a wonderful collaborative effort between Fayer, Anjunadeep and Cubicolor!

As you are Amsterdam based producers, can you tell us a bit about your impressions of the city as a dance music center? How have you seen the city develop over the years?
Amsterdam has been growing in stature when it comes to the dance scene. There are so many underground festivals and we feel that everyone loves to come and play here. Amsterdam has a very educated crowd when it comes to dance music so we guess if things work here, they are likely to spread throughout Europe!

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