What are some of your favorite Amsterdam-based dance music organizations? These could be labels, clubs, fellow artists, record shops…anything, really?
We are starting to work with different organizations and so far everything has been really professional! Trouw used to be our favorite but we went to Marktkantine the other day and that was a good night! Really curious about De School! We haven’t gotten a chance to go there yet!

We have been keeping an eye on Weval for a while. They do dope stuff and we are looking forward to what they will come up with this year!

Pete Tong has been a champion of you guys for over a year now, how has his support affected your exposure and careers thus far? Who else has been instrumental in your rapid rise?
Yes that definitely helped a lot. Getting Pete Tong on board doesn’t hurt. But if we’re experiencing a rapid rise, it’s mostly due to the fact that we have a good team around us now. We know what we’re doing and we know where we’re going. We have great management, the right labels to release our music on and most importantly, the listeners out there that appreciate what we are trying to do! Pete has been one of the first to really push our music! And it’s much appreciated!

Speaking on that topic, as your first official release was out in 2014, just 2 short years ago, how have you been dealing with the rigors of touring and exposure? What would you say is the most difficult aspect of being an in demand artist? Is there anything you have had to sacrifice in the last two years that you wish you didn’t have to?
Choosing for a career in music is in some ways a sacrifice. But if music really is your passion, then it isn’t a sacrifice at all. So for us, even when things get tough, it’s not a sacrifice, it’s paying your dues. And to be able to make music and represent your music internationally is an honor and a privilege. We have been lucky to be able to do strong shows up till now especially in North America.

What has been the highlight of the last two years for you?
Not so much a moment, but more the fact that the music (dance) market is again appreciating deeper, less aggressive vibes. In a marketplace where tempi are high and climaxes fly around like bullets in a paintball battle, our deeper sound can’t get the platform it’s getting now. People are ready to hear something new, feel something new, something deeper. You could say we are in a period of musical re-awakening. And that benefits us. If we have to pick a few achievements then Down The Wall is definitely up there. Also having the pleasure of remixing X Machina by Howling was quite a thing!

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
Finally getting the album done. It’s been almost done for quite a while now. But we’re almost there and very excited to be able to release this later this year. Other than that there is plenty of music to make, music to play out and projects to do!

“Falling” is now available on Fayer Recordings

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