Eats Everything, UK DJ/producer and one of Bristol’s dance music jewels, is coming to Amsterdam on December 18th for a very special performance at the intimate Cruquiusgilde venue. Alongside Dutchmen William Kouam Djoko and Beesmunt Soundsystem, Eats Everything is a long awaited guest by the Dutch crowd, with whom his heavy hitting house sound goes hand in glove.

Daniel Pearce, or Eats Everything, is known for his boundless beat making skills, as well as his humorous ways and exuberant off-stage persona and his great ‘from zero to hero’ story which changed Dan’s life in an instant. From a corporate career at a recruiting company in a small English town, he went to being one of most sought after DJs in a mere few years. Furthermore, having had honours for the Essential mix on Pete Tong‘s Radio 1 show for four times in five years, winning DJ Mag’s ‘Best British DJ’ and getting charted at #13 in Resident Advisor’s Top DJs poll, has also bolstered this fine gentleman’s career.

Aside from that, Dan is also a big fan of Amsterdam. That is why, before taking the stage at Cruquiusgilde in mid December, we caught the crazy Brit to answer some questions on his relationship with the capital of the Netherlands. What we discovered were his reasons why visiting Rijksmuseum did not end up being an educational experience, Dan’s favourite spots in Amsterdam, his partners in crime and his opinion on the moral obligations of an artist.

Who is your ‘partner in crime’ in life and on stage?
In life: my little boy Ralph. He is basically a miniature version of me and an absolute idiot. The coolest bastard I have ever met and the most fun person to be around.

On stage: if Skream, Jackmaster, Catz N’ Dogz, Artwork, Justin Martin and Richy Ahmed all made love and had a baby… that baby would be my partner in crime.

I’ve heard it’s not your first time in Amsterdam and you know the city quite well.
This is true, I have been to your wonderful city over 20 times, and I love it. One of my favourite memories from recent times was at ADE this year with Jackmaster, the Bugged Out crew, my tour manager Ben and team love from Bristol. We were in a traditional Dutch pub on the riverside, playing pool and nailing shots of Jagermeister and generally being very British. The owners were very accommodating to our annoyingness.

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Tell us about the first party you’ve been to here (whether as a visitor or for a gig).
In 1999 I went to Melkweg, where one room was hard house with Tom Harding playing, and the other Techno with Trevor Rockliffe. It was absolutely amazing and I have been coming back ever since.

Do you have your own spots in this city? If so which ones and why?
My favourite cafe back in the day was the 222 because my friend was friends with the owners, and we used to sit in there and have a lovely time. It may be cliché but Trouw was truly an amazing nightclub and the restaurant was equally as great. Sadly I only played there once, so hopefully I will get to play at the new place opening next year a bit more.

During NYE, you can check out Eats Everything during their end of the year blow-out, featuring a range of leading artists from the house and techno scene.

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