Franky Rizardo, one of Holland’s finest young electronic music exports, continues to push himself as a DJ with a distinctive style that works across stages and clubs, big and small.

A prolific producers, with releases on the likes of Defected, Saved!, Simma Black, and, of course, his own LTF Records, Franky is also the purveyor of his FLOW concept; one that continues to develop into a recognisable icon in the house music landscape, emerging from its humble beginnings via Slam.FM.

Anticipating this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Franky will bring FLOW back to AIR alon with Mat.Joe, Secondcity, Benny Rodrigues, Pele & Shawnecy, Latmun, Paul C & Paolo Martini , Raffa FL, Jasper Fioole, Park & Sons, Georgio Star, Tierap, Strik & Streek, Kaaiman, and more. Furthermore, in preparation for the ADE event, LTF Records will also release a 3-track sampler showcasing new music from Franky, as well as LTF newcomers Tierap, and Strik&Streek.

Anticipating the busy month, we caught up with Franky Rizardo to discuss his impressions on Amsterdam, ADE, a little about the new LTF Records signings, and more.

“ADE memories are very blurry 😉 It’s absolute mayhem.”

Next week, you will release your 2016 ADE Sampler via LTF Records. The sampler features a new original track, as well as work from newcomers Strik&Streek and Tierap. Can you give us an introduction to these two artists? How did you meet? What do you see in their creative abilities?
Certainly, I’m very proud to release and support these new talents. Strik & Streek (real names Joren & Bouke) are 2 young guys who have impressed me over the last year with all the music they’ve been sending. Their sound is unique, mature and high quality. Not only will they release on the ADE sampler, but they will also see the release of their own EP on LTF records before the end of the year. Tierap (real name Govert) is another fresh talent to keep an eye on, and keeps on surprising me with his original ideas. Furthermore we signed records from Kaaiman and Georgio Star. With these 4 acts the label has a really strong and diverse talent pool, and I’m certain they will go far. It’s an essential part of the Flow concept and brand to unite these talents and introduce them to the world through the Flow events.

What about your own track, can you describe a bit? What was its starting point?
My track ‘Give It Up’ was made whilst I was in Ibiza for my Ibiza residency at Sankeys and is made with that location in mind. It’s a basement where I just want to play phat grooves with the occasional big uplifting moment. This track is exactly that, purely made for the dance floor.

Speaking as an industry “insider,” what can you say is the strategy behind releasing an “ADE Sampler”?
ADE is the perfect opportunity to show your musical direction, and a sampler is an ideal way to showcase this. You’re basically saying this is what we are about, this is what we like and I invite you to experience this music at our own events.

Speaking of ADE, you will also be throwing your annual FLOW party at AIR. This year sees Secondcity, Latmun, Mat.Joe, Benny Rodrigues, Franky and more joining you. How do you put together a lineup like this? What do you have in store for this event?
We’re very proud of our ADE lineup. They are all great producers and known to deliver behind the decks. We challenge our guest deejays to take the crowd into their own flow, to create their own unique chemistry between DJ and crowd. This ADE event will also see the start of our new event art style we have been working on for the last months. How that will look is something I’d invite you to come and see for yourself!

Can you describe a little about AIR as a venue? Why does it complement FLOW and your creative vision?
This is our 4th event at AIR this year. Every edition has been a full house and the feedback has been incredible. The way AIR is set up allows for a close interaction and connection between crowd and DJ. This allows for a better feeling with the audience, which benefits the vibe of the party and gets people easier into the Flow state we’re aiming for. Furthermore I want to give a thumbs up to the staff at AIR, they make sure everything runs smoothly. Simple things for example not having to wait too long for your drink adds to a good clubbing experience.