What story did you try to convey with your latest album? Do you think there has to be a story behind the music a producer makes?
I always have a vision that album should be a good story, as perfect as possible, but the words should be filled in by the listener. Everyone goes through something different, from all kind of feelings and experience, the best album can be a soundtrack for these moments, I’m receiving a lot of touching massages on Facebook and from people that I met about how the album is making them feel, and to me it feels like an achievement.

You mentioned once, that it is very rewarding when you share the same feeling that the track means to you with the crowd. In the old days, you could expand on it, explain the story through album cover art, story on the album, and what about now? Maybe people do not need it anymore? What is your opinion on that?
I think people need it now more then ever, we live in a different era today where you are exposed to everything, for the good and for the bad. The nightlife is really and truly a get-away, the music has a lot of power, it connects a lot of people from different part in the world through the internet and also by the fact that it is must cheaper to travel today than before. All these elements make music the biggest international language, so when you make a special track, or a track at least that you believe is special, and when people get it, then everyone gets it. The idea behind the name of the album is that I was mixing the tracks in Ibiza last summer and the picture of tress see & sun was in front of me, and hearing the music and looking at this sounded like a perfect union, something that worked together. David Malone is the designer of the cover, his mind is something else, very very talented and never stops surprising.

One of your tracks, which has a beautiful keyboard part, has a religiously loaded name, Diaspora. What was in your mind while creating this track? How do you come up with names for the tracks you create?
I remember going through something in life while making this one, it was more related to personal feeling than club related, there is something aggressive in this track and also very gentle. I was going through a change at that time that was a bit forced, I’m lucky to have the music 🙂 Regarding names to be honest I’m not so good with names, when I have a beautiful word I try to find the right track for it. I always look for the meaning of the word and then if the track has a vibe that reflects it in my view then that is the right name.

How do you select artists for your label? What in particular has to stand out for you? How do you distinguish between a good producer and an average one?
I’m looking for original producers, people who have their own sound. It is very hard today to pick those people but I’m lucky to have a circle of talented people around me. I also approach some of the producers on the label and ask them to do a release, I think so far there is a great energy in the label, I believe in every release and in every artist behind them.

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