A child of the garage generation Hannah Wants has validated herself as a world renowned DJ with some serious credentials.

Armed with an innate desire and passion to practice the art of DJ’ing from a young age Hannah has worked tirelessly for over a decade to pursue her DJ dream. Throughout this journey Wants has acquired an individual hard-hitting style and true competence behind the decks.

Hannah’s main aim is to build a solid yet unique reputation for her live DJ sets and after a record amount of sell out events over the last couple of years she has dramatically risen from self-taught DJ to an unquestionable worldwide name on the house and bass music scene.

Championing music that is true to herself, Wants further constitutes herself as one of the biggest names in dance music with her newly appointed Radio 1 residency, bi-monthly mixtape series, music productions, and in 2015, the launch of her new and self-titled brand ‘What Hannah Wants’ – which will lead Hannah’s headline tours, various festival takeovers around the globe as well as readily endorsing new found talent along the way.

On Friday, October 16, Hannah Wants returns to Amsterdam during the 2015 Amsterdam Dance Event for the team up between iconic house music labels Defected and Strictly Rhythm. At Defected in the House presents Strictly Defected, Hannah will join the likes of Andrea Oliva, DJ T, Juan Maclean, Kings of Tomorrow and many more at AIR for the all-star affair. Anticipating this most special event, we spoke with Hannah an her relationship with the city of Amsterdam, Ibiza, ‘What Hannah Wants’, and much, much more.

Also, be sure to check out Defected’s “Defected in the House Amsterdam 2015” compilation to get yourself properly prepared for this can’t miss event. Find the compilation on iTuneshere

“…I’ve always been someone who doesn’t get involved in any bullshit. Bullshit takes you off course with your work and your goals.”

As you will be in Amsterdam playing Defected In the House Pres. Strictly Defected event on October 16, can you give us an idea as to your relationship with ADE as an event? When did you first experience ADE? What were your thoughts? Did you ever manage to come as a fan or just a as a professional? How have your impressions of ADE changed (if they have) over the years?
I’m fairly new to ADE as an event. Last year was my first year and it was a brief visit DJ’ing at just one event. I remember it being a great night though. I played at AIR for the first time and I absolutely loved the club. The vibe in general was great too, even the streets were buzzing! I’m looking forward to returning!

Describe your relationship with Defected, as an artist and as an individual.
My relationship with Defected is relatively new but it’s so far been a lot of fun. I was a monthly resident for Defected at Amnesia this year in Ibiza and that without doubt has been one of my highlights this year. Playing the terrace of Amnesia had been a goal of mine for years so it was a literal dream come true! Other than that I featured on the Defected stage of Sundown festival in Norfolk which was one of the last festivals of the summer for me. It’s a privilege to be involved with Defected and their line-ups, it’s looking it’s gonna be another special event at Air next week!

What about the city of Amsterdam. You play here quite often so I am sure you have some interesting memories. Are you willing to share some of your most memorable experiences in Amsterdam? They can be personal or professional.
I’m fortunate enough to have played in Amsterdam quite a few times (it’s actually one of my most favourite places in the world to play!) but it’s actually rare that I get to spend any time in the city. I’m usually in and out.

I remember exploring the red light district and the cafes on one very random occasion, that day was definitely a lot of fun! Another great memory I have from Amsterdam was when I played at a Fat Kids Cake event with DJ EZ. I was just about to leave the club (early) and be good but I turned around at the last second, rejoined the party and stayed up far too long! It was such a sick rave! The warehouse type raves are my favourite!

You ascension up the DJ “ranks” has been quite fast, but I am interested to know about the early days. I read that you dedicated 2010 to a slew of Ibiza performances. This must have been quite a grind. How did you strategize this approach? Was there ever a moment where you thought it was too overwhelming?
I never once though it was too overwhelming no. I saturated myself in what I loved and what I wanted and took every opportunity that came my way.

Spending the summer in Ibiza was always something I wanted to do. I paid for my apartment before I arrived so that I wouldn’t have to worry about finding rent and I just went out with an open mind and a dream to become a DJ. It was the best thing I ever did.

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