I’m surprised it’s taken me 5 questions to get here, but why did you even decide to undertake this project in the first place, especially in this way? Do you expect it to take away from your touring schedule?
Haha, yes, we skipped this important part. Basically, every time I decide to make a new album I want it to be a creative challenge to help me evolve as an artist. And I also like to face it as a personal experience. This idea was in my head for some years but I’ve never shaped it. I recommend to anyone who is reading this interview to watch the video we have prepared for Kickstarter, because there you’ll find all the details. My idea is to combine the recording with my touring schedule, although it won’t be easy. Luckily, I have a team by my side me that will help me to manage all of these logistic aspects.

The visual aspect of the project will come from your brother’s production company NaturaHD. What can you say about their approach to visuals and narrative?
My brother Alberto and his partner Nacho are two amazing wildlife filmmakers. What I really admire about their work is that they have a very personal point of view, a very poetic approach. In addition to shooting spectacular images, they know how to convey emotions through their shots and the realization. I think that point of view applied to a musical film can be very original and interesting.

In fact, much of your associations and tags revolve around nature. Obviously, there is this project but also your label Natura Sonoris, and your brother’s aforementioned NaturaHD. How would you describe your relationship with nature? When did you first feel this connection?
Nature and everything that surrounds us, the cosmos, are perhaps the greatest source of inspiration along with human relationships. Everything we know about the universe is fascinating, and everything we don’t know, its mysteries, are fascinating too. I felt this fascination since I was a child, so I don’t understand those people who are not curious about everything around us, our place in the universe. I think “curious ” is the key word in this matter. And there is nothing to arouse my curiosity more than anything related to the world around us.

Slightly off topic, do you feel that Climate Change is an issue that more within electronic music can speak up/bring awareness to? In fact, what are your thoughts on DJs and Electronic artists engaging in social or political conversation? I ask, because there are many conflicting opinions on this matter.
When you’re an artist you have the opportunity to make people listen to your opinions, and that’s a great thing. Of course, I’m interested in environmental and political issues, and many times I have shared my opinion on social networks. Your own work is a statement about what you think; for example, this new project is among other things a way of saying that music is something that goes beyond barriers such as race, nationality or religion. Many people know my points of view about everything from drugs, the political situation in my country, or the dangers of religious fanaticism. But I don’t think artists are obliged to get into these matters. It is something that is right if you want to do it but I respect the artists who simply are dedicated to creating music. Music is a tool to express yourself and sometimes it says more than anything you can say in social networks.

Finally, besides the project, what else are you looking forward to through the rest of the year?
This will be a busy year. In addition to this project, I will continue touring around the world, both as a DJ and with my live band. I’m also preparing some interesting projects like my first album with my aka Hal Incandenza, which I think will surprise a lot of people because it will show a creative part of me that most people don’t know. In my opinion this will be the most important year of my career for many reasons and I hope to share it with all those who follow me. Thank you for this great interview and I encourage readers to visit my project in Kickstarter and join this adventure.

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