I wanted to talk a bit about San Francisco. How do you find the energy there these days, especially given the development of the last decade or so? Does it still inspire you?
For sure! I really think the success of our sound and label came from the fans we have here. We were incredibly blessed to be in a city with such open minded people.

I moved here 17 years ago for a semester of college and never left. I fell in love instantly!

Has the underground scene changed at all as the city develops?
I have seen a lot of changes. For example, when I first moved to San Francisco there was the first dotcom boom. Rents were expensive; a different kind of person went out to nightclubs; there was different sound, like Naked Music and om Records. When that all collapsed things got darker. People stopped going to clubs and started going to lofts or warehouses. That was when I was getting my start.

When we started doing the Dirtybird thing, we saw this giant hole waiting to be filled. There was this jazzy, Mark Farina jackin’ house and underground acid house, but nothing that blurred the lines. We were really able to find our sound and our spot. Lately it’s crazy because the economy is doing great so rents have skyrocketed beyond belief. A lot of my friends have had to move away. My brother (Christian Martin) moved across the bay; J Phlip moved to Portland; Claude (vonStroke) is in Los Angeles; Worthy moved to Oakland. We used to all live down the street from each other. It’s tough for an artist to make it here. I am super lucky since my place is rent controlled.

To wrap up, I wanted to talk about your summer plans beginning with Snowbombing? We will be out there too…
Oh yeah, it’s a blast! The little town is absolutely beautiful and is taken over by partyers for a week. So many of my DJ buddies, who I don’t get to hand with very often, are out there for the week and the shows are great too. I love that festival!

Do you ever hit the mountains?
Every year I say I am going to do it but I end up out until 4am. I have been up to the top a few times I played int he igloo once, which was epic.

What about other summer dates?
We will do another run of Dirtybird BBQs, which will be really cool! What I am looking to most is the Dirtybird campout, the first weekend of October. It’s hard to put into words how much fun it was, but it’s just like camp. It felt like we were all kids again!

“Hello Clouds” is availabe 20 April on Dirtybird Records

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1. “Dive In”
2. “Hello Clouds” feat. FEMME
3. “The Feels”
4. “Odyssey” feat. Lena Cullen
5. “Upcountry”
6. “Rabbit Hole” feat. Charlotte OC
7. “Be Mine”
8. “Back To The Jungle” feat. Will Clarke
9.” Tropical Storm Mango”
10. “Wet Cat (Sooo Wet)” feat. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan
11. “Midnight” feat. Christian Martin
12. “U R Here”
13. “Hold Them” feat. Mohna