With Guy J, Sasha, industry media and an exponentially growing fan base across the globe, all signs point to Khen as the next big thing to come out of the dance music hot bed that is Israel.

With a hypnotic and emotionally charged style that blends early 2000s progressive house grooves and elements of contemporary techno, Khen possesses a truly idiosyncratic sound that transcends genre. After years of honing his skills both in the studio and behind the decks, his music reached Guy Mantzur in 2011, who promptly signed him to his Plattenbank imprint. Since then, Khen has also released on Nick Warren’s Hope, Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat, and Guy J’s Lost & Found.

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On 30 December Khen will join fellow Israeli purveyor of Melodic House Guy J as the latter’s Lost & Found imprint returns to Amsterdam for a new label showcase. This time at Melkweg, we decided to catch up with Khen before and have a chat about Amsterdam, Israel, Lost & Found and more.

“Amsterdam is actually one of my favorite city in the world, love the contrast between the relaxing vibe on the street to the amazing crowd in the club.”

On 30 December you will be in Amsterdam playing alongside Guy J at Melkweg. What have your experiences in Amsterdam been so far? Have you a particular favorite Amsterdam memory?
Amsterdam is actually one of my favorite city in the world, love the contrast between the relaxing vibe on the street to the amazing crowd in the club. Best experiences from Lost & Found ADE showcases on last 3 years.

On the night, you’ll be supporting Guy J at the Lost + Found label showcase. Can you tell us a bit about how your relationship with Guy J started? What would you say is his most promising attribute as a figure in electronic music?
First I’m a fan of his music, I׳ve been listening a lot for his albums and eps, so thats how all started, I’ve met guy in person when he played in Tel Aviv with Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z so they introduced him to me, I feel lucky to be friend of guy specially cause his special personality.
For his most promising attribute as a figure that he is one of the most sensitive person and he know how to express himself into the music.

Can you tell us a little about the Tel Aviv scene right now? Who are some of its major players? Major venues? How do you gauge its overall place within a wider international electronic scene?
Tel Aviv is small city but very hot for electronic music at the moment, there are some good clubs like The Block, Cat & Dog, Beit Maariv, Breakfast etc. some of them are more techno clubs, and a lot of great artists and djs like Chicola, Sahar Z, Roy Rosenfeld, Guy Mantzur, Stereo Underground, Eli Nissan, Lonya as well as some residents of the clubs so the list is very long.

What (if anything) would you say Tel Aviv (or Israel, as a whole) still needs in order to make it a major electronic music destination?
To be closer to Europe and cheaper to travel 😉 To be serious to become a major electronic music destination we should have a big support from the government and local authorities to build a night culture so its definitely bigger thing than have a good clubs and artists.

You’ve also recently released your debut LP ‘One Day of Independence”. What was the kick off point for this album? Meaning, what was the very first element of its construction that occurred to you?
All started when I though to make a mini LP for Lost&Found, the kick off point was while I finished one of the tracks called ׳Authentica׳ that point I knew its gonna be an album.

Describe the creative environment working with Guy J and Lost + Found? Why was the label the right place for ‘One Day of Independence’ to be released?
It was the nature way, I was not even thinking about other place to release my album. The relationship with Guy J and the label is a big part of the sound of the album and part of who I am in electronic music.

What would you say the singe most vital piece of tech was in the making of the LP?
My synthesizer Prophet 12 by Dave Smith.

How has the release, and subsequent success off, the LP affected your career as a DJ?
Getting much more support from many different kind of DJs and artists which helps having more demand as a DJ. I think people who likes the album are more curios to listen to me playing the tracks live.

What has been your favorite destination traveled to as a result of your DJ career thus far? Why?
Many places were amazing this year but Argentina really stand out, every and each person in the crowd come to listen to your music and as a DJ you can do whatever you want, heaven for DJs.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
First the remixes EP for the album, I just can say that my favorite artists last 2 years remixed some of my tracks so I’m super excited about that. I’m also working on remixes and EP for very interesting labels so I cant wait for 2017.

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