The career of Kim Ann Foxman has gone full circle after shes stepped away from New York’s neo-disco collective Hercules and Love Affair to return to her fundamental passions: rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music.

Channeling this focus Kim has also opened her record label – Firehouse – in collaboration with London based music and art label The Vinyl Factory. Since then, Kim has remixed the likes of The xx and Maya Jane Coles, while releasing on the likes of Young Turks, Heidi Pres. Jackathon Jams, Needwant and, of course, Firehouse.

This weekend, Kim Ann Foxman will join the likes of Ellen Alien, Nastia, and Nina Kraviz at Torino’s massive Kappa Futur Festival. Also, in August, Kim will release her latest EP, the lust filled “It’s You That Drives Me Wild,” which also features a remix from Maya Jane Coles. Anticipating both these events, we managed to catch up with Kim en route to Italy to discuss freaks within the scene, her collaborative label with The Vinyl Factory, New York City’s continued creative inspirations and much more.

” [To me] a freak is someone that is unique in a great way, who’s isn’t afraid to express themselves. Someone with real character, that isn’t afraid to stand out.”

As we are anticipating July’s Kappa Futur Festival, I’m wondering what your impressions are on the Italian city of Torino?
I haven’t spent time in Torino yet so my impressions are yet to be made – but I’m really looking forward to it! it looks beautiful.

Aside from being a DJ you also have your Firehouse label, collaborating with Vinyl Factory. I’m interested to know how this collaboration came about? How do each of you complement the ethos/philosophy of Firehouse?
We simply got put in touch because I was interested in starting a label and they have a lot of great collaborations with artists and they have great artwork and were also interested in working with me. They make quality vinyl and care about the artistic aesthetics which are both very important to me, and they let artists bring their visions in and help make it happen so thats great.

As someone who has moved to Europe from Brooklyn, I am always interested to still speak to artists residing there and in NYC as a whole. So, pretty generally, what are your impressions on the dance scene in NYC and in BK specifically? What needs to change? What is unique? What are some of your favorite destinations to go out to? Favorite destinations to play?
I love living in New York. The dance music scene has gotten very strong there. So many clubs opening and also underground parties. I mean, it would be cool to have more options of places that stay open even later legally. But we have come a long way. Clubs are packed, and there some after hours underground vibes as well. I’m honestly not much around on the weekends so I don’t really keep up with the latest. But I enjoy playing Good Room & Panther Room are probably my two spots I enjoy as far as clubs go.

My favorite place to play is Panorama Bar in Berlin of course. There is nowhere like it. I wish we had something like that in NY. I love playing a lot of places really. I love San Francisco as I used to live there for a bit so it has a special place in my heart. I also love playing Helsinki. It’s a nice warm crowd.

How would you say NYC inspires you as an artist?
The entire energy of the city is really inspiring. The people are inspiring. So many talented and amazing people. Everyone has to push really hard to be there and live. That energy alone is really motivating for me. I’m originally from Hawaii so me ending up in NY for so long has been a really exciting adventure.

What about Amsterdam? How do you see the scene is here? Have you had any particularly memorable experiences here? (That you’re willing to share, of course)
I love Amsterdam. I think its my favorite European city. It’s very charming and I love the relaxed vibe of the crowds. They’re very friendly and positive. There are lots of great gigs there and I also love Dutch pancakes! I went to a funny weird gift store there once and wound up buying penis toothbrushes for all my friends as a joke. LOL random story yes- but memorable. Ha! I had great times there riding bikes over the canals and eating space cake!

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