Interview: Kim Ann Foxman

In reading through your bio I was particularly drawn to a quite from you: “I sometimes get worried that there are no longer enough freaks in the world”. It’s funny because I was sitting here art a festival the other day and I pretty much was saying the same thing to my friend. I’m wondering how do you view this statement? How do you define “freak”? And where are some destinations that still give you hope that maybe this statement is not true?
To me a freak is someone that is unique in a great way, who’s isn’t afraid to express themselves. Someone with real character, that isn’t afraid to stand out. Maybe they are dressing really crazy, maybe they are living in an alternative way or outside thinking, maybe they are dancing to their own beat, they just don’t care what people think and they need to be themselves. I love that. They bring life to a party. The more the merrier for me. I guess NY, Berlin, San Francisco still are places that when I play there, you can still find amazing characters that make a party special.

With the summer schedule in full swing, I’m wondering how you maintain health & mindfulness? Do you have a certain protocol to keep yourself calm throughout the season? What about after summer…do you have a protocol to “wind down”?
I’m a pretty healthy person in general. I always try to give myself some nice down time between gigs but usually I wind up having to catch up on studio work. But I make sure to give myself some time off as well with my loved ones.

Looking ahead through 2016, what are some things you’re most excited for, whether they are personal or professional?
I have a few things lined up. I have solo releases coming out on Firehouse and I also have a collaboration which I’ve been working on for a long time, and that will be really special to me! More on that soon!

“It’s You That Drive Me Wild” is available 19 August on Firehouse Recordings

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9 & 10 July | Kappa Futur Festival | Tickets | Torino, Italy

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