Interacting with people by telling them a story made of music, behind two turntables, has always been the distinctive feature of Italy’s Luca Donzelli.

Thanks to his engaging sets and to the originality of his ideas, Luca has succeeded to make himself appreciated in his native Tuscany’s music scene since a young age with residencies at many of the region’s best nightclubs. Now, Luca Donzelli has branched far from being only a local hero, with an international schedule and releases on the finest labels around.

Speaking of finest labels around, Luca is set to provide the 42nd instalment on Paco Osuna‘s seminal Mindshake Records, in the form of his “Funky Citizenz” EP. Here, Donzelli delivers a mature work with the creativity and technical mix to create a thrusting, powerful production on three original tracks and also including a Kabale und Liebe remix.

“I always try to experiment, find something new and different from the masses.”

You have a new 3-track EP on Mindshake entitled ‘Funky Citizenz’. What was the very first aspect of the EP that came to you? What was your starting point?
It all started with Paco! He’s such a big inspiration for me and he has been for a long time! He’s one of my favourites DJs in the business! Last year I met Paco thanks to Luca Fabiani (resident at Club4 in Barcelona). I knew he had been playing some of my tracks for a couple of years, and he asked for more! I sent a big pack and there he found two tracks for Mindshake! Then, we met again at Cocorico, where Paco took care of as if we had been friends for decades and there, he confirmed the EP would be released on the label. But two tracks were not enough, so I started working on a new track to finish the EP, following the style of those two, but trying to give a Mindshake touch to my work!
Honestly, it wasn’t that difficult. I’m a big fan of Paco’s music and I have followed Mindshake ever since I started out in electronic music.

Why is Mindshake the best place for ‘Funky Citizenz’ to call home? How does the label complement the EP and vice versa?
Two years ago, I would never have expected Paco Osuna to play my stuff! But, when we spoke for the first time I realised that our music concepts are closer than I thought! So, when we talked about making an EP, my mission was to make something from the heart, something emotional that would fit perfectly in one of his sets.

What would you say was a vital piece of studio equipment used to get this EP completed?
Well…you will be surprised to know that for this release I only used my laptop and Ableton Push! I started working with hardware just a few months ago. So answering about “a vital piece of studio equipment”, I can say that the vital equipment was…as always.. my dear heart!

Why did you choose Kabale und Liebe to be the only remixers on the EP?
Paco chose him, and when he told me, I was really happy! Kabale und Liebe is another part of my adolescence, I grew up listening to his hits. I think Paco’s decision was the best for me.

How has your Ibiza season been going so far? What has been a standout event?
Musically, things are going well and Ibiza was a necessary step for me. Each week you can meet a different DJ, artist or promoter, and keep in touch with that person. In all my life, I never have meet so many big artists in the business until now.

The best show, despite the problems of those days, was of course my HYTE gig at Amnesia. There was an unbelievable crowd at the opening. I played before Gregor Tresher and he played more techno than me, so I dropped what I wanted and the place erupted.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year, either personally or professionally?
I’m from Italy, I’m superstitious :), so I don’t want to say anything about future. Unfortunately, my life has taught me that I shouldn’t make plans. My only goal is to wake up every day and make good music. The only thing I’m looking ahead to is probably my musical credibility. I always try to experiment, find something new and different from the masses. A lot of people only follow what is trendy, making it difficult to find your own space, so I hope to accomplish that mission.

Thanks for the interview guys! 🙂

“Funky Citizenz” is available 8 August on Mindshake Records

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