For the rare individual who does not know him, if you have lived in a cave then we will forgive you..Luciano is a 5 time DJ Awards winner and ten time nominee.

These are the DJ Awards delivered in what has become Luciano’s second home, Pacha, Ibiza. Born in Switzerland from a Swiss father and Chilean mother, for the sake of millions Chilean fans, he relocated at the tender age of 11 years old there. Luciano then made history in South America by converting rock aficionados into house music, making friend with Ricardo Villalobos, playing at the Love Parade in Santiago, and ultimately becoming an icon of night life.

When Luciano relocated to back Europe, his record label Cadenza was becoming a huge reference, he created the Vagabundos parties in Pacha, which he held for three years!

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Apart from the club scene, he is also active in several non-profit organizations, joining Richie Hawtin for “Bridges for Music” program is South Africa, while creating, with his wife and sister, a charity called “One Coin For Life”.

Here, in a rapid fire interview session, we found out about the man with the signature handlebar moustache, or at least who used to wear it…Luciano a pioneer of electronic music and a proper family man.

Keep an eye out for Luciano’s upcoming dates, which include bringing his famed Vagabundos concept back to Madrid at Fabrik (5 March), and also Luciano & Friends for Winter Music Conference (19 March)

“I don’t care about how many followers a certain artists has or if that is going to make the buzz, we always stay humble.”

You were born in Switzerland from a Swiss father and a Chilean mother. How many languages do you speak?
I speak about 6 different languages… I love to learn new language!!!

Which city has the biggest place in your heart…Santiago or Ibiza?
Ibiza stay in my heart forever of course but Santiago still has the biggest place in my heart as it’s my city…

You are back in Madrid at Fabrik. Why did you choose that club in particular and how do you like the Madrid crowd?
I was thinking of different place but at the end, I chose Fabrik as its an emblematic club over there and I love to perform in this club, especially with the crowd in Madrid which is one of the best in Spain.

I understand you have a special love for L’Acoustics and you actually take the speakers with you for the Vagabundos events at Pacha in Ibiza. Why are these speakers are so important to you?
First of all, L’acoustics is probably the best brand in the world about sound system and processing. I use always these speakers as the offer exactly the color and the crossover of sound that make me more than comfortable when I perform…

Since I am based in Miami, I can’t help asking you…do you prefer the gigantic shows at Liv or the more intimate room at Trade, like the show you did with Carl Craig?
This two places are far different.. I like to do both to be honest… It’s why I change venues everytime I’m in Miami… It’s about my mood when I’m on tour, sometimes I love to do an huge show at Liv or Story and other times its cool to be part of an intimate event like Trade.

Can you name three artists who in your opinion have made the best impact on Electronic Music to this day? In other words, three individuals that we should have in our minds forever and beyond.
Derrick May
Armand Van Helden
Ricardo Villalobos

What can we expect from the Vagabundos events during the next season in Ibiza?
You need to wait until our official announcement which will be soon…. But what we have planned will be super cool for our next season of Vagabundos….

Should we expect to see you with a moustache again someday?
Why not!!! jajajaja

You worked with a guy named Lenny Kravitz for a live performance a few years back. That must have been exciting, is there any other superstar you would be happy to work with in the future?
There is many artist that I would like to work with… I’ve already planned some amazing production collaborations… Arriving soon.

Are there any upcoming tours you would like to mention? Any other special event that you are excited about?
I’m excited about all the events I’m doing… I choose all the shows personally so as to never lose the excitement, it’s really important to stay energized and to find something unique in all the events where I’m performing.

Your sets are well known to incorporate samples and effects using Traktor and Native Instruments. Great set up! How did you choose to play this way? Did you see someone using a similar type of equipment?
No, I have my own personal philosophy of the DJ setup and I’m not trying to copy any other setup. But I need mine to be special as I perform in my own style.

It might get a little overwhelming playing twice a week in Ibiza during the entire summer. How do you challenge yourself for every single live performance?
It’s about balance!!! I play 3-5 times per week during the summer season, so I need to find the perfect equilibrium to maintain the pace. A few important facets are a healthy diet and sleep schedule, and well planned travel, so as to manage jet lag in the easiest way possible….

Cadenza has an EP out by a Swiss based artist named Rare Movement. Rare Movement has 50 followers on Soundcloud. It looks like you are not judging artists on the number of followers they have, to say the least. How do you choose your artists for the label?
Only chosen by creativity, quality and philosophy. I don’t care about how many followers a certain artists has or if that going to make the buzz, we always stay humble.

Does your sister still make the artwork at Cadenza recordings?
Of course !! She’s doing all the artworks.

In an interview I asked Agoria which food he preferred a couple of months ago, surprisingly he responded Italian. Which one do you like best?
I’m an huge fan of food so in order below my favorite food:

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5 March | Vagabundos | Tickets | FABRIK, Madrid

Interview by Rico Dally
Rico is a label manager based in Miami. He is also a Tour Guide, a Tri-Athlete and a go-go Dancer. Originally from Paris, he is part of a music duo named Wolf Story.
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