Since the very beginning of her career in music as a club promoter in London, Nicole Moudaber has been a force to be reckoned with in the underground dance music community.

Her ambition and tenacity has allowed her to grow from a club promoter to one of the most recognizable voices in house and techno music. Now she reaches fans: playing festivals and clubs around the world; hosting her weekly radio show In The MOOD Radio, which recently won Best Online Music Show Overall at the Online Radio Awards; and, running her own record label MOOD Records.

On January 21st Nicole will be touching down in Los Angeles for a night of pure techno with her show MoodZONE through Insomniac’s Factory 93 concept. We had the chance to chat with her about this exciting new show, her use of Richie Hawtin’s new PLAYdifferently technology, and even her philanthropic spirit.

“…after this year of tumultuous events and weird energies happening it’s time for introspection, reflection and to go deep within.”

Hello Nicole! We are excited to welcome you back to Los Angeles on January 21st as part of this new Factory 93 concept developed by Insomniac. You’ve worked with insomniac in the past curating your own MoodZONE stage for EDC in New York and playing various other events including Beyond Wonderland last spring and Nocturnal this past Labor Day weekend here in Southern California. What do you find special about Insomniac events, especially those based in SoCal, the birthplace of the Insomniac brand?
Recently, in the last year or so, they’ve really focused on creating the atmosphere rather than the massive lasers and and pyrotechnics kind of vibe. I think this attention to detail, looking at what people want and how to create the vibe of the party is very important. It’s working. With my next MoodZONE stages in 2017 with Insomniac we are going to focus a lot on that. It is about creating the right environment for clubbers to have memorable moments. I think this is what they [Insomniac] have been doing best recently.

I totally agree. I think one of the cooler things about being at one of these sets without the major lights or pyrotechnics is that you can’t be on your phone or take a video because your phone won’t see anything. Now less people are Snapchatting everything and really allowing themselves to get lost in the music. What are you excited to bring to the light in this kind of darkness with Factory 93 and why did you choose that to be the stage for your MoodRAW event here in LA?
The main focus for me is always the music – the music comes first, before the venue. However, the venue is obviously an important part of creating the right vibe and experience for clubbers. The concept of MoodRAW is to throw parties in open spaces, and Factory 93 fits the idea perfectly. I have never actually been to Factory 93 before though, so I’m really looking forward to that and seeing if it blends with what we are doing, which I am sure that it will.

You are truly a global citizen: partying and performing across the globe. You unite people from multiple cultures through your music. How do you stay level headed with all the traveling or has it just become second nature to you? What are some healthy habits you maintain to keep the peace in your artistry?
For me, the key is not to drink while I am on the road. That definitely helps to keep stamina levels up and my concentration and focus up as well. It is very important not to lose focus and energy. If I do four shows a week I can’t drink alcohol and indulge in things like that. I haven’t stopped touring for two years now; I’ve been working everyday. I am really looking forward to my two months off in Bali actually!

Wow! What a beautiful place to have two months off!
Basically, after my LA show I am taking the first flight out to Bali that day.

I’m excited to hear what type of music that place helps you create and how it might capture the serenity there.
Oh my God, I really need it. I really need to get centered again. It’s funny, you know, after this year of tumultuous events and weird energies happening it’s time for introspection, reflection and to go deep within. I am really excited to make music from the heart this year.

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