Anyone who knows about the Miami Dance Music Scene associates Oscar G with the words “great”, “respect”, and “success”.

His epic sets at Space Miami and his massive productions on Nervous Records simply made him the number one DJ in the Sunshine State. Talking about Space, the man held a residency every Saturday for ten years, playing 12 hours sets every night, yeah you read this right. Back in the 90’s, he formed a duo with his partner in crime Ralph Falcon named Murk, which were quickly noticed by the likes of Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia, later he won a few DJ awards and his productions made it to some eight # 1 Billboards, he remixed pop stars such as Madonna, Seal and Donna Summer, quite a pedigree to say the least.

Oscar is back in stunning form with a forthcoming album named “Beep My Boom” out on Nervous NYC, the album features 20 songs! As always Oscar is not stuck in one genre, some tracks are groovy with heavy basslines, others more soulful with a fine touch of tribal & latin, since the producer doesn’t forgets his roots.

We sat down with him and talked about his upcoming residency at Space Ibiza NYC, his favorite cities to play at while on tour in Europe and found out what’s real or fake in the Miami nightlife.

“…it’s tougher for a Miami DJ to make it in Miami than a DJ from anywhere else to”

What’s a usual day like being Oscar G?
It’s kind of strange, a normal day for me at home…I am a husband and a dad, I do those things, and there’s those days when I’m on a plane or in a club doing that part, it feels like having two lives at once.

I heard you have a release party Coming up for your album at Space Ibiza NY. I assume you are excited?
Yes for sure, because I was working on the album for quite a bit, once it finally came together, I was happy with everything, it’s nice to see this coming out of me and start to see it coming into other people’s lives. The album has 20 songs on it, I had more, I wielded it down to the ones I felt strong, it took about a year.

I understand, DJ Sneak will be playing as well?
He’s a really cool dude, we worked on one of the songs on the album as a collaboration, we’ve thrown several parties together during the last couple of years. It’s always fun to play with your friends.

Tell us what kind of relationship you have with Nervous at the moment?
I do so many things with them, obviously I release my music on that label, also, Nervous distributes my Murk label, I have a constant interaction with them. Mike Weiss, the owner, is like brother to me, more than a friend, it’s just a constant relationship, exchange of ideas, working on events, music and all that stuff.

You have a few featuring on your album from Kenny Dope to DJ Sneak…Is there one collaboration that you are more proud of?
All of them really, because I tend to work with people that I respect as an artist but also more importantly, that are friends of mine and who I have a genuine connection with, because when you work on music together, it’s such a personal thing that when it’s with people you actually like, it makes it easier. It’s tough to choose one, I am just happy that all these guys could work with me on this project.

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