We have you playing our first ever BPM Festival jungle party. I’d imagine its an unusual location for you? Who else is playing the party, and what kind of vibes can fans expect from you?
Yes, that’s pretty exciting. I’ve never played in the jungle and hope I don’t have to fight any wild animals over the night.

How would you describe your relationship with nature, in general? Are the outdoors something you try and experience as much as possible, especially being from such an urban area. What are some places you have found a particular strong natural energy?
I’m not that much of an outdoor person, but I do enjoy going for drives along the countryside, or driving to the Baltic sea in the summer. Ideally with my family, if the schedule permits it.

And a particular strong natural energy? Football stadium I’d say…

You have never played BPM before. What are you expecting? What are you looking forward to doing while in Mexico?
I will be arriving from Mexico City, where I play the night before BPM. So it is quite a contrast in stage, I guess. Concrete vs Jungle. After BPM I will relax a few days on the beach, try some tacos and then head over to Montreal for Igloo, then NYC for Output.

With BPM also coinciding with a new year, how have you found your 2015 in relation to years past? You had released a new LP and maintained an international tour schedule, but did you find 2015 to be a particularly satisfying year for you as an artist? As a person?
It was a good year.

On that same point, do you look towards the future and think about the year 2016 ahead? Or, do you find yourself as more of a “in the moment” kind of person?
Indeed, I see myself more of an ‘in the moment‘ kind of person, although this is now naturally changing with having a daughter.

We know you are a huge soccer fan, and a Bayern Munich supporter. Any favorite Mexican teams or players we should know about?
That would be Manuel Negrete Arias with his performance at World Cup 1986.

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