Is there anything still missing from the scene in Croatia that you would still like to see happen?
One thing that would be nice to have is one big techno club in Zagreb. We use to have couple of them but eventually they were closed one by one during recession years. Would be great if we could have one again.

Which of Croatia’s events/festivals do you consider to be some of the best?
There are good festivals here, for example Dimensions. It has exceptional selection of underground artists, location at Fort Punta Christo is just amazing. Also Movement Festival, Sonus and Moon dance are really good, if you are in to techno, these are the ones you don’t want to miss.

As Movement Croatia is a “sister” of the famed Movement Detroit, how do you feel the sound of Detroit can carry over to Croatia?
Croatian techno scene is based on Detroit sound, so it will fit perfectly. I think because of that they selected Croatia for a location in first place. It is going to be great.

Aside from DJing, you are mostly known as a prolific producer. What is a vital piece of studio gear for you? If I asked you that question 10 years ago, what would be your answer?
I have Roland System 100 for 20 years now and it is still the essential machine for me when I am working on sound. It is so versatile and I was able to integrate it with all the other gear in a studio, so possibilities are limitless.

You’ve also recently released a new LP ‘The Turn of The Equilibrium’. What was your starting point for this album? What did you want to encapsulate with this album? Was it more technical or more emotional, in nature?
First track I wrote for album was “New Hope” and it served as a starting point for the others to follow. With this album I wanted to bring attention to necessity of emotional balance and ability to sustain positive relation to the world. In its thematic album is more emotional, I hope listener will feel the same way as I felt when I was creating this compositions.

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28 July – 1 August | Movement Croatia | Tickets | The Garden Resort, Croatia