From humble New York City beginnings to multi-year Ibiza residencies; from digging in dusty crates to headlining festival main-stages around the world, Roger Sanchez has truly blazed his own path in this thing we call House Music.

What began in the late 80s in Corona, Queens, attending parties by the Bronx River and other jams as a break-dancer and graffiti artist, Roger Sanchez was introduced to DJing through friends, trying his hand in an organic environment where his creativity behind the decks flourished from a few singles into an ambitious catalogue of over two thousand original productions and remixes. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, some two+ decades later, Roger Sanchez hasn’t stopped grinding. For those unfamiliar (besides, where have you been?), just a quick search will yield a prolific output of productions, remixes, performances, and alias,’ with 2016 showing that the “S-Man” surely has no signs of slowing down.

Anticipating Roger’s Defected Croatia appearance, we spoke with the S-Man about his impressions of Croatia as a clubbing oasis, how Defected has influenced his career, the changing clubbing landscape of his hometown, and much more. Defected Croatia goes down 11-15 August at Croatia’s The Garden resort. Find all information and ticket links at the end of this article.

“I love what I do. It’s that simple.”

Being many years into your career you have experienced a slew of summer schedules. As this is always a particularly busy time, how do you prepare for the rigors of the summer? Do you have a certain protocol to maintain health and mindfulness?
One thing I do is try to set up some time for the gym whenever possible, get as much rest as I can and drink LOTS of water. When the summer is in full swing all the flying can take a toll and the way I cope is to manage my rest time very carefully.

In August, your summer travels will bring you to Defected Croatia. Can you give those who don’t know a brief rundown of your relationship with Defected? How has Defected influenced your career over the years? What would you say the place of Defected is in the spectrum of house music?
Defected has been a major part of my career as I go way back with Simon Dunmore-I had my first UK #1 with him steering the label and I always have seen Defected remain consistent with its support of House Music

Similar question: How have you seen the development of Croatia as a center for dance music over the years? What are your impressions of the country as such?
I love Croatia! It’s a beautiful country and the scene has been developing quite strongly here over the past few years. I can’t wait to play there again!

Can we discuss New York for a minute? Though I am in Amsterdam I come here from NYC where I have some conflicting impressions of the dance scene. Firstly, can you describe how you see NYC’s dance infrastructure now? Secondly, what (if anything) do you feel needs to be added or changed in its current form?
Right now the dance scene has had a renaissance in NY, albeit focused more in the outer boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens. It would be fantastic if the local government would recognize how important the nightlife is to creating vibrancy for the city and actually SUPPORT it the way Amsterdam has done with ADE. I think that would mark a major positive change in the NY scene.

What are some of your favorite places to play these days in NYC? Over the years, what have been your favorite destinations there?
I love playing at Space, Marquee and I recently played at Lost Dayclub in Staten Island and that was great- lots of other spots are really enjoying success in outer boroughs that I will likely be doing more of them in the fall when I return from my European Summer Tour.

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