A name that has revelled in the limelight since his involvement with record label Dirtybird, Shadow Child is no stranger to the fast evolving house music industry. Boasting impeccable production skills his first dominant release ‘String Thing’, fell into the hands of Eats Everything and Claude Von Stroke, back in 2012.

For Shadow Child his production simply began as a side project, but he quickly adapted a distinctive sound, full of cluttering bass and big drops. The uniqueness of his creative sound has landed Shadow Child some huge collaborative productions, alongside Ben Pearce, Huxley and Bodhi. He continues his involvement of remixing tracks that everyone almost forgot about, including recent remixes for The Prodigy, the XX and Hot Natured, all of which can be found amongst his sets, played on Wednesday’s for his weekly Rinse FM show.

On 21st October Shadow Child will be playing on the Defected in the House 500 landmark stage, to celebrate an outstanding achievement by the Defected label. 17 years of strong releases has made Defected Records a household name. The Defected team will be celebrating their 500th label release. Also on the bill with Shadow Child will be the likes of, Riva Starr, Sam Divine and Sonny Fodera.

“There’s so much freedom in Amsterdam not just creatively, but to be forward thinking too. All this makes for a vibrant culture, which I hope lasts forever!”

On the 21st October you play at ADE -what would you say are the main factors that define the Amsterdam music scene?
It’s the vibe of the city and the residents, there’s nothing quite like it and as a Brit I can safely say we are very lucky to have you guys on our door-step. There’s so much freedom in Amsterdam not just creatively, but to be forward thinking too. All this makes for a vibrant culture, which I hope lasts forever!

With the event happening at the end of October it’s certainly not part of the hyped up summer festival season that’s drawing to an end, so what have been your highlights from your sets across the summer of 2016?
To be honest, it’s the unexpected ones, the ones where I had no expectation I guess. There’s a festival on the island of Jersey (Jersey Live), and I did it with Catz n Dogs. It was amazing, so much energy and a crowd that truly appreciated your presence. Loved being a part of that one, and so many others. Amnesia Ibiza is always fun, that place was my 2nd home in the Spoon days. Love it.

What has been the best country you have played in this summer and why?
I’ve not done loads this summer as I was finishing my album, but Holland was honestly the best. I’d say that no matter what because every festival was such a great vibe. I think Straf_Werk stood out for me, fun playing between Eats Everything and Tom Trago on a beautiful beach. What could be better?

Speaking of a hyped up summer, it has been a busy year for you, especially with the release of your new album Connected out on Food Music. You kicked off the album tour at SW4, alongside West London producer T Williams. You guys often collaborate, how did you both come to the decision to collaborate on tracks together? What is it like working with T Williams?
Yeah the whole album project is about collaborations, with a couple of sought after remixes thrown in there too. T and I frequently hook up, I have a lot of mates in this game but we’re tight. We spend most of our studio time chatting but always end up with something exciting musically too. ‘Do You’ has a lot of elements that fans will like, where as the rest of the album explores different vibes. So happy to have T on there!

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