Interview: Tensnake

As you will be playing Straf_Werk’s warehouse closing event, your relationship with the company goes back some time. Can you tell us a bit about this relationship?
I have played a few of their events and they are always fun, quality events. I like Tom [Veldhuis] and the whole crew. The bookings are always on point, with a good mix of commercial and underground artists. The crowd is also a nice mix with a great vibe. Two years ago was my first summer Straf_Werk festival and it was just amazing.

Generally, in Holland they are so good with the music. There are so many great artists, festivals, and clubs. It is amazing what’s going on there!

Speaking on that, how do you see Amsterdam and its place within the spectrum of dance music centers?
There’s aways been a rich history of electronic music in Holland, but over the last 10 years it became a very eclectic scene; a very educated, very fun scene. Trouw did a lot for this. Dekmantel and Straf_Werk also do a lot.

Then, there is ADE, which has become so important. It is amazing! There are so many great parties, but they also have great chances for education. It has become one of the city wide conventions that really works well.

I feel as though somewhere along the way ADE has really snatched the place of preeminent industry destination away from Miami’s WMC/MMW…
I 100% agree! I think there is a certain quality to running ADE.

What are some particualrly memorable Amsterdam experiences for you? Any particular sets, or even just hanging around the city…
I think the first time I played Trouw. The guys booked me early in the life of Tensnake, so I was very nervous. It was a remarkable experience; a great vibe at such a famous club.

I also think the first Straf_Werk summer festival I played was fantastic. I was put between KiNK and Jamie Jones, so it was a great slot to be in.

For me, Amsterdam is very much about the summer and the outdoors.

That leads me to my final question. I was looking through your Instragram page and I see the outdoors featuring quite prominently throughout your images. Is nature your way of winding down after (or during) a hectic tour schedule?
Absolutely! It’s all about keeping balance. I’m a little older now, so spending a lot of time in planes, airports, and hotels, I totally miss nature. Whenever I am in an area where I know there is great nature around I always make an effort to see it. In the last month I was lucky enough to see Yosemite National Park, Australia, and Tasmania.

Is there anywhere you would like to go that you haven’t seen before?
Absolutely! I have been to South America as a kid, but not in the last years. By end of next year, I am planning a South American tour, where there are many places I want to see: Patagonia, Mexico, Brazil, so many places!

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