The vertical record player designed by industrial designer Roy Harpaz is one for vinyl lovers, who also cherish a slick design.

The record player, named toc, is something of a tribute to Sony’s iconic PS-F5 Flamingo from the 1980’s. Of course, many of you will criticise that it is not for DJing and (also, of course) the Technics SL-1200 is above all when it comes to turntables, especially in dance music,  but this standup player is one for the eye, packed with loads of features.

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The player works with a linear tracking system to capture that good old’ analog sound and allows operation via remote control or via LED touch buttons on the front panel. This means you can easily skip between tracks, thanks to a sensor scanning the tracks on the vinyl.

Another reason why this item might be the one for you is that the toc has special spherical bearings, allowing even warped records can be played without a problem. With the front panel made from walnut wood the toc is also an amazing design addition to every room.