The festival tent, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I’d have to go with the latter, preferring a solid roof over my head and a warm bed to take some much-needed rest after a full day of outdoor partying. But sadly that option is not always available. However, there is a new festival abode available that may change that opinion (if it wasn’t for the price). Meet the ‘Tree Cocoon’.

The Cocoon Tree Tent is a nature-loving festival goer’s dream. It’s described as a “spherical structure [made of] aluminum covered with a resistant waterproof tarpaulin designed to hang up on trees”. The Cocoon weighs 60 kilos and it can float, hang or just sit on the ground. The price tag is a bit shocking, though, as it will set you back a staggering $14,000.

But surely this will inspire other companies to make a cheaper version of the Cocoon, so that it can actually be bought by people who don’t have a spare five figures on their bank account. For now, be inspired by these pictures of the Cocoon in all its glory.

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