Drawing inspiration from outer space and employing its design for the urban space, Noordung may be the first truly urban bike for music lovers.

That is, if it isn’t “too much,” of course. At first glance the bike seems sleek enough, but one can’t help but notice the overt bulkiness of its primary components. But, we’ll get there, so lets start from the beginning:

The bike, which WILL be crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2017 is built around the classic “cruiser” design. It is also electric, with its Noordung Boombox acting as it’s “heart”. The boombox acts as a device charger, eco-friendly tour guide, music player, and electric assistant. Cyclists will be able to ride up to 20km with the electric assistance, while playing up to 100 hours of music (assuming, of course, they are in an area where public music playing is not frowned upon).

Right now, the bike is in prototype stage, which is called the Noordung-N01, with the N-02 scheduled to unveil in July 2016, but, off the bat, I can see a few flaws in its, otherwise quality, design. Primarily it’s very central “heart,” which sits immediately in front of the bike’s seat. Not only does the silver color stand out from the black, but its location seems impractical for peddling, as the boombox shoots out over the sides of the main frame (perhaps the result of a perspective from the pictures). Also, being in Amsterdammer, the bike seems like a prime target for theft. There is no disguising what it is and, therefore, what it’s capabilities are. Maybe an integrated security system would be a welcome addition.

Regardless, the bike seems to have a slew of customizing potential, like, perhaps replacing its black frames with chrome, adjusting the handle bars for a low rider aesthetic, or even adding thicker tires for an off road experience.

So, we’ll see what the future hold for Noordung and in the meantime check the gallery and let us know your thoughts.

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