Discover what’s big in Taiwan as the Jaachi Night Market brings ADE the unique taste of the Taiwanese DJ scene as Jaachi (aka Night Market in Taiwanese) descends on Europe with a unique Thursday night event.

The event, which is hosted by 9Kick and AMSbookings.ASIA will feature 8 of the finest Taiwanese artists alongside deliciously steamed Bao Buns and sparkling white tea. Come early early for traditional Taiwanese food, night market games and music showcases with (live) performances in diverse genres like electronic, house, breaks, rave, dubstep, UK bass, UK grime, future bass, rap, hip-hop, psychedelic and world music. Artists on hand will be RayRay, DJ Code, Sonia Calico, April Red, Dwagie, Tsunano, Shio Tian, Lujiachi, as well as The Netherlands’ Kamara.


19 October | Jaachi Night Market ADE | Tickets | Cinetol