Resident Advisor’s successful Origins series has featured recognized artists like Magda, Matthew Dear, Eats Everything and Chris Liebing. In these incredibly compelling half-hour shows these artists are taking us on a trip through their musical heritage, from the first club they set foot in in their hometown, to the record store where they learned the tricks of the trade and became obsessed with playing and collecting records. This is how DJs are formed.

In this latest installment we see affable Scotsman Jack Revill, aka Jackmaster, taking us back to Glasgow, the place he was born and “never wants to leave from”. What comes to light are some serious revelations about his youth, his relation with his dad, the training ground that was the Rubadub record store, and what exactly makes Scotland the perfect place to come back to reality from after playing in front of 5000 people. Oh yeah, and he nearly falls of a roof in the beginning.