Inspired by the American science fiction TV show “The Time Tunnel“, created by Irwin Allen in the 60’s, Detroit Techno music producer/DJ and conceptualist Jeff Mills has created a live sound, visual and dance music event series designed to pull the dancing audience back and forth in time through a simulated visual Time Machine to explore the past, present and future of Music.

“Time Tunnel” is a visual, sound and performative odyssey based on a scientific approach – as yesterday’s music is analyzed in the aim of submitting its future possibilities.

” The Time Tunnel concept is based on music exploration. My purpose is to bring the participants of the party from one time in space to another in order to display the music from the past and possible music of the future – trying to make relationship and how it relates to the music we’re listening now.” – Jeff Mills

The bridges that Jeff Mills creates between the different times and sequences through the “Time Tunnel” performances are the milestones of our musical history – and possibly our future. They also remind us that Man has always remained conscious that Music and Dance are the same universal language. As the only master on board, Mills will pull the audience – who doesn’t know the process of the night – into a vertigo vortex through musical eras and unexpected live performance.

Every musical sequence is introduced by a revisited version of the original music of the show “The Time Tunnel”. Jeff Mills has remixed and recreated spontaneously the inlive structure. In the aim of shining a light on sequence changes, he moves on stage: turns around the equipment table in order to place himself with his back to the audience, inviting them to follow him in the vortex of a new musical era’s discovery. Once the connection is done, he overtakes the controls and starts a new 60 minutes sequence.

“The Time Tunnel” will have its Dutch premiere on 16 October at Warehouse 22. Please find additional information and tickets below.


1979: A Tribute to Zanzibar – Known around as the world by the historic DJ residency of Tony Humphries, the Zanzibar is still one the best dance clubs in the history of Dance Music.

1936: Edwin Hubble discovers The Spiral Galaxy – The purpose of this segment will be to transport the audience to the edge of our galaxy to look back at it in another perspective. Traveling back to 1930’s to see the first discovery of it by Edwin Hubble, the music will have a 1930’s Flappers’ appeal and style mixed with experimental house.

150BC: Mesopotamia_The Snake Charmer – Unlike the more unified civilizations of Egypt or Greece, Mesopotamia was a collection of varied cultures whose only real bonds were their script, their gods, and their attitude toward women.

5595: Visiting The Kuiper Belt – A region of the Solar System beyond the planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to approximately 50 AU from the Sun. It is similar to the asteroid belt, but it is far larger—20 times as wide and 20 to 200 times as massive.

1977: Close Encounters_Re-mixed – The title is derived from UFO-ologist J. Allen Hynek’s classification of close encounters with aliens, in which the third kind denotes human observations of aliens or “animate beings.”

1982: The Wild Discovery Of Dr. Roland – The Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer is a partially analog, partially sample-based, drum machine introduced by the Japanese Roland Corporation in 1984. The brainchild of Tadao Kikumoto, the engineer behind the Roland TB-303, it features a 16-step step sequencer and a drum kit that aimed for realism and cost-effectiveness.


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