This weekend a new event will enter the Utrecht’s dance-scene. Its debut will host a wild bunch of high-quality house artists like David August, Joris Delacroix, Detroit Swindle, Homework, Prunk and De Sluwe Vos. Besides the musical festivity, the visuals that are arranged for this night are said to be just as spectacular. Get ready for Kaleidoscope.

Coming Saturday, March 15, Kaleidoscope will open its doors to dance-fevered visitors for a 12-hour marathon of partying in Central Studios, a place perfect to suit the grand ambitions that the organizers have for this night. People that enter before 21:00 will receive a special pair of kaleidoscopic glasses that will let you experience the visual effects supporting the music throughout the night on a whole different level. So prepare to be starstruck.

The venue is divided into Studio 1 and 2. While the event is focused on house, you will be hearing more from the deeper and futuristic side of the genre in Studio 1, with Studio 2 having a more old-school and upfront house sound. So who will be laying down the tunes then? Rachelle Grooten will warm up Studio 1 nicely as she knows her way around the decks. After which our very own Prunk will take over with a 3-hour journey through the deeper and heavier sides of his record collection. After midnight, the star of the evening and Diynamic’s crown prince David August will be giving one of his legendary live sets in the first area. But there’s even more where that came from when Joris Delacroix will take over. Finally, EINMUSIK will see to a proper closure of the area with a mystifying live set.

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When looking at what’s in store at Studio 2 you know that some tough choices are gonna have to be made. Pure house renegades Detroit Swindle will bombard the room with their usual selection of amazing records and own material. Wouter S, a respected name in the Utrecht clubbing circuit, will take over the booth with his careful selection of house gems. Then Homework will shake up the place with a funk-infused ode to the old-school. De Sluwe Vos will eventually tear the place down with his killer sound of in-your-face house tracks, with kicks so hard it will make the walls crumble and hihats that will make your skin tingle.

Kaleidoscope has been on many people’s minds for a while now, in- ánd outside of Utrecht, and we’re kind of starting to get why that is. So if you wanna join the party make sure to get one of the few remaining last-round tickets quickly. Just a few more nights, and prepare to be taken away into a kaleidoscopic musical dimension that will stick with you long after it’s finished.

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