A kickstarter campaign has been initiated to start a bold project: the first feature-length film about MDMA, called MDMA The Movie. The film is supposed to cover all different aspects of the partydrug like its effects, short-and long-term, the cultural background of the substance and the rise of XTC-related fatalities at dance music events. To complete the second phase of production the filmmakers say they need $100.000.

The goal of the film is to create fair and balanced awareness on, seen as the mainstream media’s coverage on XTC and MDMA is predominantly one-sided and negative. MDMA The Movie dives into the history of the synthetic drug and wants to remind people of the role MDMA once played. Producer and director Emanuel Sferios explains:

“Used legally for almost a decade by psychiatrists and therapists, MDMA was a medicine before it was banned in 1985. Current FDA-approved studies using MDMA to treat PTSD have had impressive results. In the US Phase 2 studies, 83% of the subjects no longer met the criteria for PTSD at their two month follow-up. We tell the stories of some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who participated in these studies. Watch some of their incredible testimony in our first short film below”

On the other hand, the filmmakers are not trying to glorify MDMA in any way, and give considerable attention to the recent spike in XTC-related deaths, bad pills and especially educate the viewer on how to prevent this potential harm. Harm reduction workers at festivals in multiple countries are followed for the movie to give evidence-based solutions to counter the issues today.  Parents of a young woman who died because of the party drug are interviewed, whom have become advocates for harm reduction. MDMA godfather Alexander Shulgin is also featured in the film, who made the contribution just five weeks before his death last year. These are small elements of the movie, but there will be much more to be seen – if the project reaches post-production, that is.

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Source: Pillreports.net