Now that the sanctions that have kept relations between Cuba and the US ice-cold for the last 50 years have been lifted, Americans are finally allowed to legally smoke Cuban cigars, drink their famous rum, and, above all, are now free to travel to the communist country. Among myriad new economic possibilities this brings for Cubans, there is already one remarkable venture that came to light via a Kickstarter campaign: Cuba is looking to host its very first electronic dance music festival.

MANANA is the name of the aspiring festival, who have started a Kickstarter campaign to gather a budget of €55.000 in total, and have raked in €18.000 already. The organisation describes itself as a “non-profit festival connecting Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community”. Check out their Kickstarter video here to get an idea of what they’re about.

This is not a professional event organisation like we know in Europe, but they do have a mission here, and that is too put their country on the map musically and to connect Cuban folklore with electronic influentials from the UK, Mexico and other corners of the world.


The festival is scheduled to take place form May 4 to 6, 2016. If they reach their Kickstarter target that is. And those of you who are thinking that this can never be realised with the approval from the Cuban authorities, think again, as the government has given the green light for MANANA to happen. The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 13. Donate here.

MANANA Festival Project