Apple products have been top-selling Christmas gifts for years. Especially the iPod must have been lying under everybody’s Christmas tree at some point since its introduction in 2001. After countless other versions that surfaced afterwards, the classic model is probably still the most notable and recognizable. So it was a bitter pill to swallow for some when Apple announced it was to discontinue production of the model back in October. However, after merely a month has passed, second-hand iPod classics are being sold vigorously across the web, at insane prices.

Back in 2013, Stuff magazine already advised people to stock in on iPod classics, as they expected the line to be killed off by Apple, predicting that the price would double. Well, it hasn’t, the price has actually tripled and even quadrupled in some cases of second hand internet sale. The later versions’ retail price came down to roughly €290, while they are now worth anything between €440 to €630 (or more..), all gladly paid by Apple fan-boys and -girls who need to have the already legendary device in their possession. Again, these prices are in affect a month since Apple has shut down production of the model. One can only imagine price of old iPod classics is heading towards.

So, if you’ve got an iPod classic stored or boxed up somewhere in your house and were ready to give it away, be warned. You are sitting on a goldmine. Getting such a price for your old iPod is of course more probable when it is still sealed, but even that doesn’t seem to be a deal-breaker on eBay.

Source: The Guardian

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