After quality entries by Paul Johnson, K’Alexi Shelby, Mr. V, and Orlando Voorn, we continue our Legends of House Podcast series with none other than bona fide UK House legend Terry Farley.

Having been on the dancefloor since day dot, Terry Farley has produced some of house music’s most enduring cuts under various guises, including Roach Motel and Bocca Juniors, as well as with Pete Heller as Heller and Farley. A bastion of knowledge when it comes to acid and deep house, as well as dance culture, soul boy trends, and more, Terry is also much lauded for having launched house music fanzine (and label and party series) Boys Own with Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel and Steve Mayes back in the day: it was something that very much went on to document and dictate the trends of the time.

The Legends: Paul Johnson, K’ Alexi Shelby, Mr.V, Orlando Voorn

A fascinating character with a real passion for dance music and its cultural roots, Terry is a learned selector with old school values who can really make dancefloors move with a whole range of sounds. He does so everywhere from fabric and Ministry of Sound in London to festivals around the world on a regular basis and always educates as much as he entertains. Now very much a scene curator and archivist as much as an enduring DJ talent, when Terry Farley’s in the house, everybody listens, as his essential recent compilations, Acid Rain and Acid Thunder, have proven in spades.

So, sit back and check out the education here from Terry Farley, in association with MN2S Booking. Plus, as we do with every Legends of House Podcast, we asked Terry 5 quick questions to get some insight into his house music world. Check out the answers after the mix below!

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According to you, what’s been the most defining moment in house music history?
When Larry levan turned down Robert Williams offer to leave NY for Chicago and told him about his young friend Frankie Knuckles. Frankie’s Disco was faster than what Larry was playing and it was that Disco that influenced the kids in making house music

Can you tell us a little something about how you envisioned your mix for this series? What’s the musical message you wanted to portray, if there is one?
It’s just my fave music of the moment – some old some new some promos – whatever feels right for today’s floors

What would you like to see changed in today’s dance music scene. And why?
I’d love to see the crowd stop looking at the DJ and start to properly dance again – I’d like the booths to be put down on the floor with the crowd and I’d like promoters and agents to start charging reasonable amounts so that the biggest Djs are not lost to the smaller and medium sized clubs which are the roots of the scene

Which record will never leave your gigbag?
Marshall Jefferson – house music anthem – marshals story mirrors house musics story perfectly – it’s THE piano record of all time

Which record should every self-respecting artist know from front to end?
If your HOUSE then Sylvesters ‘ I Need You ‘ is a record you should know inside out – learn the structure learn the Drama and try to put a lil of that into your sets and productions.