Aiming to create a night the provides as much as possible, Diynamic‘s Lehar has been bringing his “All Through The Night” concept to all corners of the globe over the past handful of months.

Since its February launch in Moscow, Lehar’s spontaneous and passionate sets have been felt everywhere from Istanbul to Tulum and on 30 March he landed in Los Angeles for the first time as an artist. Going from open to close with local underground party purveyors REVERE, Lehar brought a complete uninterrupted flow of spirited House and straight-up Techno turmoil to the LA faithful.

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With a few hours to explore, we linked up with REVERE and filmmaker Keon Hedayati for a look into Lehar’s world in LA and beyond. Featuring interviews from the artist, as well as REVERE’s Sam Shahedi and Payam Hariri, the video gives a behind the scenes look at concepts operating at the apex of what they do.

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