Air Festival is a real party in paradise. This year happening in La Brisa in Bail, it is three days of pool time, party time and beautiful scenery, food and drink. The whole site is scattered with palm trees and lush greenery, the ocean extends off to the horizon to make for blissful sunsets and the stages are made from weathered, reclaimed wood that feels utterly natural.

We round up the best performances from just five of the many great DJs who played across the two different stages:

Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours has swagger. It was clear from the first second he sauntered up to beach stage. He confidently grabbed the mic and started ad-libbing over a raw, syncopated drum track. From there he worked through a selection or materially and new that fuses hip hop, soul, funk and instrumental beats into earthy, organic sound tracks. It was perfectly suited to the location and a real soul soother.

Fred P

Fred P hails from New York and serves up the deepest house around. He did that again when he stepped up to the Air Stage. His kicks really tested the Funktion One sound system and his spine tingling synths and dreamy pads all created a perfect atmosphere in the darkness of the natural jungle surroundings. He managed to get people dancing and keep them on the floor until deep into the night.


Showcasing some seriously tight mixing skills, Keinemusik’s Rampa offered a more tribal take on house music. His chunky drums had an afro slant and his scintillating percussion really helped oil the grovers. It got everyone marching to his beat and when he peppered in some more uplifting and euphoric synth sounds, it was truly a next level and memorable experience.

Brian Hartman

In a location like Bali you don’t expect to see rain, but sadly some did arrive. A big tarpaulin cover was erected to protect the DJ stage and so Hartman trooped on and didn’t let it put him off. He showcased a broad knowledge of many different sounds and scenes and so despite the rain managed to get people dancing and forgetting the unfortunate weather. Mad props!

Art Alfie

The Swedish producer is known for his super deep, cuddly, friendly hose grooves on labels like Studio Barnhus. They made perfect sense after the depths of Fred P on the Air Stage and doused in warm lights and surrounded by production that really immerses you in the jungle, he didn’t disappoint. Trippy little vocals, seductive drums and a mastery or pacing and balance all made this one of the super special sets at Air.

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