Tox Club is here to offer something all new to Ibiza party goers this summer.

It is a space with an adventurous new program throughout the week that stems in all manner of different nights, sounds and scenes.

One of them is the GYPSY each Sunday with founder and curator Simone Gigante with Pig&Dan, The Organism, Josh Gigante and Manfredi amongst many more. There are also Amapiano nights, regular label parties with Axtone and Revealed and much more.

The forward-thinking promotional team behind this is Denial Events who have put on some legendary parties in a range of great locations.

Here we quiz them about what to expect this summer.

How are you, how has 2022 been so far for you?

Great, now that I’m in Ibiza. There is just something about the island that makes one feel good.
2022 has been slow still, we avoided Miami Music Week this year, and instead put all our focus on Ibiza summer which was a good plan as Miami has become incredibly oversaturated.

Tell us about your role with Tox club and what each day looks like?

We experimented in 2019 by activating only Fridays, with no marketing, promo etc. to get a feel of the club and its potential. We’re very confident we can put TOX on the map in Ibiza as an alternative to big room clubs, giving the client an intimate, exclusive, private party feeling.

Give us some history on the people behind the club – you have done lost of events before right?

Yes 2019 as mentioned in the previous question. TOX has never been really used as Club in Ibiza, only as overflow after-hours for the Destino pool parties

What do you like best about promoting? why not just dj like everyone else ha

Personally, I come from the world of investment banking. Doing events changes the way you see work. It’s by far not as profitable as investment banking that’s for granted, but it is incredibly rewarding to see the happiness you create. There is no price for that.

You have hosted at Tox before right – what was it like?

TOX 2019 was an experiment to get the feel and vibe of the club. We were very satisfied by mid season.

Why take on the whole club? what will you bring, what are you building on?

We love the challenge of putting a club on the map in Ibiza. Going somewhere and doing something that no one has ever done before.

Has the club an overhaul – what does it look like now?

No, it has a very elegant look and feel, but we invested in additional production with LED screens and lasers. Bringing big room production to a small room.

What are you most looking forward to at the debut season?

Bringing people together again. In an intimate exclusive setting. Far removed from the chaos of big room clubs, and forgetting finally these horrible years we had plagued by Covid

What makes ibiza special for you, why do people love the island so much?

This island is magic. I’ve loved it since the first time I came decades ago, and even with all the changes, there is just something magical about it.