An estimated £600,000 worth of cocaine was recently found in a somewhat unlikely place, inside a box of Tesco bananas.

Uncovered by an employee, five x 1kg bags were found (valued at some £150K each)  packed amongst the fruits, which originated from South America. The incident occurred last Wednesday at the Wokingham, Berkshire Tesco superstore.

When police were asked about the powder in question, Director of drug research company Independent Monitoring Unit, Matthew Atha confidently said, “White powder from South America? It’s going to be cocaine.”

Per Tesco’s website, the majority of its bananas are imported from Costa Rica and then transported to distribution centres throughout the UK. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time that cocaine has found its way into European banana patches. Recently, £11m worth of cocaine was accidentally delivered in boxes of fruit to 13 German Aldi supermarkets, and in 2013 the class A drug was found in bananas at a Danish store. Perhaps its because of this those pesky Minions can’t live without bananas.

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Source: London Evening Standard