We sit down with 7Rituals boss Human Rias, A&R for the infamous Exit festival to discuss his label, his inspirations, essential tracks and more…
Hi Human! Great to have you with us, how are you?
I’m doing great guys, thanks! Ready to kick off this great year
How has your 2024 been so far? What have been the highlights?
The beginning of 2024 was kind of the end of 2023, we had our first label showcase in Tulum, with Konstantin Sibold, and that was also the last gig before my studio break. So that was the only highlight so far in 2024, but many are to come
What changes have you made or goals set since we entered a new year?
To keep pushing the boundaries of my music, and for this year to finally come back to Argentina!
Tell us about your 7Rituals imprint and it’s inception. What’s the story behind it?
7Rituals is an imprint where we want to have a familiar vibe involving great people with a unique taste in music. An outlet also for artists from places that aren’t getting heard a lot, like my dear friend Xashes.
What do you look for in an artist or a track when working out if suitable for the label?
I go at it in two steps, 1. Music 2. Artist, important for me is always to let the music speak before you create an image of the music because of an artist.
And how would you describe your sound? 
I play music that makes me feel something, centered around melodic techno, and ranging form Indie dance to techno.
What drove you towards the electronic end of the music spectrum?
When i started listening to electronic music, it fascinated me, these endless hours i can spend dancing to this music, hypnotized and floating i a sense of freedom nothing else can give me. Having this complete thoughtlessness, is beautiful and this is also how i pick my music and how i ended up in this realm.
What artists have been your biggest inspiration?
Ben Klock and Maceo Plex. Bens incredible way of playing music and for hours on end, Maceo for his unique sound, who is in my opinion one of the leading figures of Melodic Techno.
What music do you vibe to outside of the dance world?
I listen to a bit of everything, Jazz, Hip Hop and Indie.
What are your three essential tracks at the moment?
  1. Brocode by DJ Merlon, Enoo Napa
  2. Footprints (feat. C.A.R.) (Can Love Be Synth Remix) by Ruede hagelstein, C.A.R
  3. Me by Legroni feat. Glukoza
What is the last track that blew your mind?
Was actually a clip of a started track by Xashes – Hails of Space, it was so good we dcided to collaborate on it and finish it, and it will be out end of April
What can we be excited for in 2024?
Lots of releases, lots of amazing shows, and the most exited you should be is for EXIT Festival, i cannot wait for it either!
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