Hide&Seek is fast becoming one of our favourite festivals. Featuring a plethora of A-class headliners, the house and techno event is beginning to rival well-established festivals such as Houghton and Gottwood in terms of the quality on offer. And considering this year’s event featured everyone from Apollonia to Tristan da Cunha to Sonja Moonear, that all comes as no surprise. With all the in mind, we maintained a position at the front left throughout, and to give you an idea of how it all went down, even collected a bunch of incredible video footage to pass by you. Of course the videos are awesome — but next year we recommend you get down there for yourself!

The famous French trio supersized their house sounds for this set in a larger festival tent. They worked through plenty of pumping grooves old and new and never let the vibes dip below 100% on point.
Dam Swindle
This crowd pleasing Dutch duo were in fine form. They dropped some big basslines, old school breaks and plenty of razor sharp tech, all while playing to the adoring crowd.
Josh Baker
One of the UK’s hyped current house heads, Josh Baker showed why with his daytime set. His playful mix of chunky drum funk and tight mixing really amped up the energy levels.
Just Jam
Charged with an early afternoon set as people were still warming up, Just Jam pitched this one just right. His rolling bass, warm chords and subtle sense of funky got things going nicely.
With a lovely backdrop of tall bamboo greenery and some flower-head like lights, Laidlaw kept it cool with a breezy selection of soul drenched house joints.
The Roman minimal master is a cult hero. He proved why with his tightly woven grooves, unique use of the EQ and perfect balance of driving drums and heady techno synths.
Sweely’s a man on form. His sound is a fusion of spaced out house, slick breaks and electronic funk that is always warm and balmy. He played a packed out tent, always sucking on a cigarette, and always keeping it tight AF.
Tristan Da Cunha
Leeds lad and Back to Basics mainstay Tristan Da Cunha knows how to jack any floor. His wonky and bass heavy house sound is now as trademark as his headwear.