Producer and singer/songwriter Adibanti is a 22-year-old from West London.

A young artist who grew out to be a multi-instrumentalist, Adibanti writes, produces and sings on all his releases. Inspired countrymen like Radiohead, Mr Scruff and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, the talented artist brings his debut and self-titled ‘Adibanti EP’ on UK label Subsoul.

His mix of Soulful Vocals over Garage/House beats on the album is the complete package, and to anticipate, the young artist has provided us with the 10 tracks that make up his musical autobiography. In his own words:

Hi Deep House London and everyone reading. I’m Adibanti. To accompany my latest single ‘Pages’, (Out today!) here are 10 tunes that have in some way influenced the music that I make. Each one of these tunes I have listened to on loop for days and can keep coming back to without ever getting bored.

Hope you lot like ‘em.

Loz Goddard – It Will Come To Me (Fouk Remix)

Let’s kick things off with this lovely Fouk remix I discovered when putting together some warmup sets. So well put together and grooves along so nicely. Banger.

Cuthead – Maputo Jam

Shout to my boy Max William for introducing me to this tune. The lad has excellent taste and I’ve learnt a lot from him. This was one of the first ones I nabbed off him and it has the best energy! Love playing this out.

Calibre – Let Me Hold You

Calibre, Calibre, Calibre. Would be plain rude to not include something of this man’s work! This one in particular always levels me out when I’m angry or annoyed. Top tune.

D’Angelo – The Line

Smooth as you like. Off his timeless album, ‘Voodoo’. Love the groove of this. Infectious in true D’angelo style. (That Snare tho… oosh!)

Glenn Astro – Computerkiller

Fantastic composition. Excellent use of samples and a great vibe! This tune appears on the first ever album I bought on Vinyl, ‘Throwback’. Sick record.

Mr Scruff – We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix)

Suppose it would make sense to put a Max Graef tune here right next to his buddy Glenn, (right where he’d wanna be I reckon). This was the first ever tune I bought on Vinyl. Stylish rid. (Plus Scruff is one of my absolute fav DJs).

Pedestrian – Pick Your Shots Clean

Heard this at the last ever SGP this year. Blew my head off. So fresh! It’s like alt rock meets dubby, breaky goodness. Let it take you on its little journey.

MAWI – Moondog

Been getting into the real warmest sounds I can find. This guy does it really well. Fizzy, deep and soulful.

Burial – Untrue

It appears we are headed for the more dark and introverted tunes to end this list. I was torn between this one and Near Dark but the title track took it. This album on the tube was my teenagehood. (I spent and still spend an ungodly amount of hours underground). Top production.

Radiohead – Idioteque

To Finish things off, Idioteque. This one is very special to me. Loved this tune since I was a wee yout. Dark and thought provoking with some outstanding production. Probably one of the first ever tunes to introduce me to the idea of drum programming and sound design. It doesn’t get much better than Radiohead/Thom Yorke for me!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the tunes. Go listen to Pages!!

Peace, Rory (Adibanti)

“Pages” is NOW AVAILABLE on Subsoul

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