UK seems to be having a tough go of it of late, first hyper gentrification, then Brexit, then a bunch of fuckers coming into power, and now a travel warning from Amsterdam of all places.

Amsterdam’s British Consulate General has launched a campaign telling UK Passport holders to take extra care of their passports, with added emphasis on young people holidaying at the city’s clubs and festivals. In 2015, some 1175 emergency travel documents had to be issued, 50% coming from those under 30. At £100 a pop, this can surely be an unnecessary expense on, already broke (probably), young people.

Watch the campaign video below and check out the council’s 5 tips to keep your passpprt safe while visiting Amsterdam.


1. Only carry your passport if you really need it.
2. Keep it in an inside pocket, preferably buttoned up
3. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.
4. Take extra care in busy and crowded areas.
5. Do you have any other form of ID on you? If so, leave your passport in a safe place.

via Mixmag