LEYZEN is a mysterious figure that landed on planet Earth only communicating through vibrational waves. It introduces itself to the world through music. We don’t know who is LEYZEN, but its music speaks for itself.

We caught up with LEYZEN to talk about his new release on mobilee

Hey LEYZEN, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Hey there, nice to meet you. What a deep first question to start an interview. I like it.

Look… where I come from there’s no such thing as ‘bad’. We all live in harmony and peace and music is our only way of understanding. I’ve been in the Earth for over 4.000 years and all the things related to the word ‘bad’ are what shaped this planet: War, hunger, poverty, Donald Trump…

What was it like to get back to partying and DJing again after the pandemic?

To be honest, I’ve never played in front of any crowd before or after the pandemic. I just started this new journey a couple of months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the reaction I’m having so far!

You are a mysterious and low key figure – why take that approach?

Well… I don’t consider myself a mysterious figure. It’s actually pretty clear: I am a being from another world that came to this planet thousands of years ago and my only way of communicating is through the music.

Are you at odds with the modern world of social media, imagery, over sharing? What do you make of that, especially in terms of underground music?

We don’t have social media where I come from. We don’t need it. I created here my own Instagram a couple of days ago but I don’t even know how to use it…

I feel like social media was invented for one single purpose: Make your followers jealous about your life.

How did you hook up with mobilee for your new single – did you hit them up with the music already done?

You must know that I don’t know anything about this industry. I don’t create music for selling it, I just produce music because it’s my only way of communication. Labels help me to promote and distribute my language and this is why I’m only looking for top notch imprints.

I just knew about mobilee thanks to a guy I met in a rave in the woods of Albania.

What inspired it, where and when was it written?

Just so you know, in my world we call your planet ‘Pandora’. Lately I learned that a popular movie uses the same name. I wonder where did they get that name from…

Anyway, this track defines my true passion for Earth’s vibes and sounds. With this tune I just want to show my love for the sonorous frequencies and the energy of the music of this beautiful planet you all live in.

Why do you love space so much? How did you translate that to music? Why does it work so well?

I love space because that’s where I come from. I don’t have to translate anything to music because I speak directly through music. For these kind of interviews I have a friend of mine that translates my sounds into words… Otherwise it would be impossible! (laughs)

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have so many music that I want to share with your world… You will be hearing from me soon!

You can purchase the release here