Globally we are producing nearly 800 million tons of plastic every year, and disposing 8 million
tons of that into the oceans. ​More than 70% of our planet is covered by ocean, and yet only
around 4% is protected​. There is a growing urgency that things need to change:

Championing this movement is electronic duo Audiofly who, after having established a creative empire, are now collaborating with bespoke watch specialist Titan Black and the non-profit charity Pelagic Life to help protect the oceans. Audiofly have partnered with the The Miami Beach EDITION to host a dinner for thirty people during Miami Music Week, and are at the forefront of the tackling the plastic epidemic with their Stay Plastic Free campaign.

Working together to create a limited edition watch, Audiofly and Titan Black will donate 50% of the profit from each sale to the Pelagic Life Trust. Based in Mexico, Pelagic Life is a non-profit marine conservation trust set up to protect the biodiversity of the ocean. In 2011 they introduced The Open Ocean Safari, a safe and sustainable shark dive operation. With the goal of preventing the local fisherman from killing the fauna of the deep blue, and enticing them with potentially higher income from sustainable shark diving tourism. They are also developing a special Sea Food app, which will help Mexican consumers choose sustainable and healthy seafood with local names and information.


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