Author: Wessel Hoekstra

Premiere: Arude – You Sleep EP ft Mark Höffen Rework [Radikon]

Arude returns to Radikon with “You Sleep” featuring two originals and an uplifting reimagination by French producer Mark Hoffen. Arude’s originals are filled with powerful, stripped-down grooves and a wildly pitching array of beautifully engineered synths. Mark Höffen’s rendition of “you sleep” transforms the original into an angelic anthem. Filled with heavenly strings and a compelling chord progression, the french producer elevates “you sleep” to unimaginably uplifting heights. Arude – You Sleep EP ft. Mark Hoffen Rework [Radikon] A1] Arude – You Sleep feat Ramona Storm A2] Arude – Your Eyes A3] Arude – You Sleep feat Ramona Storm (Mark ... Read more

Premiere: Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey – Sibuna [Stil vor Talent]

Stil vor Talent’s latest compilation has one standout tune from Mia Mendi and Thomas Gandey at the centre of it. Produced by Mia Mendi in collaboration with enduring electronic pioneer Thomas Gandey, ‘Sibuna’ is over seven minutes of scintillating melodic house music. The piece flows on top of relaxed drums and the fluttering exotic synths bring warmth, light and soul to the experience. The percussion feels natural and organic as it dangles above the beats and the whole vibe is about moving you into a deeper state of thought, holding you there as you march to the rhythm. Once again this ... Read more

Premiere: Hotel Rubio – Rain Dance [Crossings]

Crossings kickstart their 2021 release schedule with Barcelona-based duo, Hotel Rubio, bringing their Smoke Signals EP.  For their debut on the label, they deliver a strong ep, with sharp influences both from Barcelona, and their city of origin, London – a serious and dancefloor-friendly melodic ensemble. The title track, Smoke Signals, combines classic progressive melodies with modern drums and an asymmetric arrangement, resulting in a powerful underground cut. The A21 remix’ arrangement is more traditional and old-school proggy. Its catchy melody, spacious build up, and warm familiarity makes it a versatile track and valuable weapon in DJs’ repertoires, across house ... Read more